Ignite the Mid-Market

Designed for the Midmarket, Right Product at the Right Price

The Ignite the Mid-Market promotion is designed to increase focus on the high-growth, mid-market opportunity while leading with Cisco's market-leading products. Cisco Partners will benefit from a comprehensive offer that is easy to understand, easy to use, and provides improved profitability through higher differentiated discounts.

Mid-Market focused Programs and Products

Ignite the Mid-Market

A promotion with products well-suited for mid-market customers

  • Ignite the Mid-Market is a simplified, multi-architecture promotion that drives focus on the high-growth mid-market opportunity
  • Deal Registration gives the partners differentiated discount, meaning you can better control the margin/profitability
  • Best of all you won’t need to know any special SKUs or codes. Ignite will show up on the BOM when you register the deal for your “commercial/mid-market” account reducing complexity

Simplifying Promotions for Mid-Market Needs


One promotion unlocks the right mid-market products at the right prices across all architectures.

Easy to Use

Simply register your deal and receive the full benefits of Ignite.

Increase Profitability

Differentiated offer that provides a pricing advantage on products specifically targeted to the mid-market customer.

Product Family Discounts


Data Center

Up to 70%



Up to 65%




Up to 68%



UP to 58%

Steps to Success

Hunt or Team

Hunt (OIP) or Team (TIP) on a mid-market opportunity


Position industry-leading Cisco network solutions for your mid-market customer


Register the deal in CCW as Hunting (OIP) or Teaming (TIP)


Win the deal with improved differentiated partner discounts


Find out more about the Cisco Ignite the Mid-Market opportunity and learn how to deliver the right product at the right price.