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Cisco Capital Financing

Financing Offers

Cisco Capital provides a number of financing offers to help meet your financing needs.

Note: The financing offers below are for the U.S. To find available offers in your country, select your region and country below.

U.S. Customer Offers

Offer Description Technology Expiration Date

Cisco Open Pay

Open Pay is a variable consumption model for compute, storage, routing and switching, providing extra capacity for peak demand periods. By financing your fixed requirements and having pay-per-usage technology capacity available as it is needed, you can minimize their initial investment, mitigate the need for excessive capacity, and better align future payments to actual usage.

UCS, select 3rd party, storage, MDS, Nexus, Catalyst and ASR9K


Cisco Easy Pay

Cisco Easy Pay for Nexus 9K

  • Your customers get 0% financing over three years,
  • Paying only 90% of the hardware purchase price and 100% of the software and services (max 70% of BOM).
  • At the end of the term, customers can return the hardware, refresh the hardware or purchase the hardware for 10% of the original purchase price.

Cisco Products and Services


Cisco Easy Pay for ASR9K Cloud-Scale

Profitably modernize networks with Industry leading network edge Cisco solutions using Cisco Easy Pay for ASR9K Cloud-Scale at 0% financing.

Cisco ASR9K product line


Cisco Easy Pay for Collaboration

Gain access to a wide variety of solutions across Cisco Collaboration and leverage future enabling technology capabilities using Cisco Easy Pay.

All voice and video collaboration endpoints


Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement, 0% Financing

License your enterprise security technology in a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way.

All Cisco Security Enterprise Agreements currently available


SMB 3.5% Payment Solution

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, Cisco Capital's low-rate 3.5% financing provides you with simple finance arrangements to acquire the equipment you need, when you need it - all while giving you the peace of mind that comes with regular, predictable payments.

Available for all Cisco hardware, software, and bundled services


3 Month Deferral

Turn a large upfront investment into predictable payments while also offering 3 months free from payments and interest.

Available for all Cisco hardware, software, and bundled services


Collaborate Everywhere

We are providing a 0% financing offer for 24 months on a fullpayout contract, with other full-payout options of 1% financing for 36 months, 2% for 48 months, and 3% for 60 months. In addition, FMV leases are available at up to 10% lower monthly payments than our standard FMV rates.

Cisco Collaborate can be used to migrate your business to the latest on-premises and cloud solutions, displace competitors' products, sell video, and take the lead in midmarket. Visit our Partners promotions page to learn more.


Multi-Year Service Contracts Financing

1.82% on SMARTnet multi-year service contracts.

Services SMARTnet


Disclaimer: In California, loans offered by Cisco Capital will be made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law.