Cisco Capital Financing

Cisco Capital Financing

Financing Offers

Cisco Capital provides a number of financing offers to help meet your financing needs.

Note: The financing offers below are for the U.S. To find available offers in your country, select your region and country below.

2017 U.S. Customer Offers

Offer Description Technology Segment

Cisco Easy Pay

  • For hardware, you pay only 90% of purchase price, with 0% financing for 3 years*
  • For software & services, 0% financing is available for 3 years.*
  • After 3 years, you may return and refresh, or buy the hardware for 10% of the original cost. * Where software and services are 30% of the total cost, you qualify for 0% financing for 3 years at 90% of the purchase price. Financing options are available for up to 5 years.

All Cisco Products. Global Service Provider limited availability.

All segments

Cisco Spark Board Access Plan

Cisco Spark Board Access Plan has been created as an easy way for your customers to acquire Cisco Spark Board as a service – for hardware, software and support – through a predictable, monthly payment plan.

Package includes: Cisco Spark Board, Cisco Spark Board Subscription, Automatic software updates, TAC support and next day RMA

Cisco Spark Board 55 and Cisco Spark Board 70

All segments

Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement, 0% Financing (US and Canada only)

The Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement enables customers to license their security in a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way for their entire organization for 3 to 5 year term.

Security Enterprise Agreement

All segments

Tetration Acceleration Program

Provides convenient financing structures that lower your upfront investment:

  • FMV Lease
  • Deferred Payment Options
  • Step Payments

Financing options available on hardware only or on bundled solutions.

Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform

All segments

Financing HyperFlex Systems

Cisco Capital can make it easier with competitive pricing which can help reduce your TCO by up to 15-20%.

Cisco Unified Computing System

All customers

FirePower 9300 Acceleration Program

Cisco Capital® can assist you when acquiring solutions enabled by Firepower 9300 and 4100 Series with affordable, flexible financing products that provide the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest security and features without incurring upfront cost
  • Higher ROI - payments can be structured to match costs to revenue
  • Spread payments over time for optimized cash flow
  • Flexibility to add or replace technology in order to maintain software and services updates
  • Bundle hardware, software and services into one payment

Security for Service Provider and Data Center.

All customers

Cisco Capital Metapod Payment Plan

Spread payments over time for optimized cash flow

  • Lower the total solution cost with available trade in options on hardware while maintaining software and services
  • A comprehensive and complete payment solution: a bundle of hardware, implementation, software, and services into one payment structure; first three months will be free of payments

Cisco and 3rd party Hardware, Software, and Services

All customers

Big Data 1.9% Low Rate Financing

Implement Big Data and analytics with rates as low as 1.9%!

Data Center Technology

All segments

Open Pay

Open Pay from Cisco Capital provides a more responsive way to acquire Cisco Unified Computing System solutions and select converged infrastructure storage solutions to meet both anticipated and unanticipated demand spikes.

UCS Converged Infrastructure

All segments

OpenStack Financing

Cisco Capital Financing for UCS OpenStack gives you financial flexibility to acquire hardware, software, services, and complementary third-party equipment, all in one predictable payment.

Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure for the Red Hat OpenStack platform

All segments

VersaStack Financing

VersaStack financing from Cisco Capital gives you flexibility to acquire hardware, software, and services that support the VersaStack solution, all in one predictable payment.

VersaStack solution by Cisco and IBM

All segments

Financing the Unified Data Center

This offer gives you financial flexibility to acquire hardware, software, services, and complementary third-party equipment, all in one predictable payment

Data center solutions

All segments

Unified FlexPod Financing

Just like FlexPod provides a converged infrastructure that delivers financial and operational benefits, Cisco Capital and NetApp Capital Solutions have united to deliver a broader array of financing options. Get the flexibility and innovation you need to help you and your customers achieve a business advantage.

FlexPod solutions

All segments

Financing the Cloud

A suite of flexible financing offers helps you implement a hybrid or private cloud infrastructure so you can accelerate migration to the latest technologies while conserving cash.

All Cisco solutions

All segments

Cisco ONE Software and all Cisco Hardware and Services

Cisco ONE Software offers flexibility, value, and innovation in purchasing and consuming networking infrastructure software.

Cisco ONE Software

All segments

Cisco Software Financing

Software financing provides our customers with predictable payments. Support your business technology needs on your own terms and timeframe, not ones dictated by your budget.

Cisco Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Enterprise, commercial select, public sector

Collaborate Everywhere

Increasingly, customers are turning to Cisco to upgrade their collaboration technology. Cisco Capital can help you acquire technology to help you improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and reduce cost through the integration of voice, video, and data
Expires July 29, 2017


All segments

Multi-Year Service Contracts Financing

Cisco Capital is making the acquisition of Cisco services more affordable than ever with an aggressive finance rate of 2.5%. Expires July 29, 2017


All segments

Three-Month Deferral

Adopting new technology helps ensure your company is as competitive, profitable, and efficient as possible. Cisco Capital financing allows you to acquire Cisco solutions without a large, upfront cash investment. We make it easier and more affordable to acquire the technology your business needs with no payments or interest for the first three months.
Expires July 29, 2017

All Cisco solutions

All segments (excludes Public Sector)

Game Changer

Designed specifically for small and midsize businesses, Cisco Capital's low-rate financing provides the assistance you need to acquire equipment when you need it, with no payments or interests for two months.
Expires July 29, 2017

All Cisco solutions

Small and Midsized Business

3.5% Small and Midsized Business (SMB) Customer Financing

Increase your buying power with low-rate 3.5% financing. Get access to the Cisco technology you need without an upfront financial burden and pay over time. Expires July 29, 2017

All Cisco solutions

Small and Midsized Business