Technology Verification Service

Building Trust and Transparency One Step at a Time

At Cisco, we believe security is everyone's responsibility. We are accountable for trustworthy product development, value chain security, and customer data protection. We work to earn the trust of our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees by providing information and technology to verify the integrity and trustworthiness of our offerings.

About Technology Verification Service

Cisco's Technology Verification Service helps customers review and test Cisco technology, including hardware, software, and firmware. You can access, review, and test source code and other intellectual property within a dedicated, highly secure facility at a Cisco site.

We are beginning beta testing with select customers in October 2015. We'll also answer general customer inquiries and take scheduling requests. Requests should be made through your Cisco account team or directly to the Technology Verification team. Typical lead times for a request can include three months to obtain an export license (if needed) and four weeks for Cisco to review and approve the request, schedule the facility, and prepare for the customer's engagement.

For additional information about the program, please read the Technology Verification Service At-a-Glance and the Technology Verification Service FAQ.

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