Inclusion and Collaboration

Making great strides for diversity, inclusion, and collaboration

At Cisco we harness the power of inclusion, diversity, and collaboration to foster the best in our people, to exceed our customers’ expectations, and to develop a robust community where our differences are our best assets.

Diverse People

For Cisco, Inclusion and Collaboration is about unleashing the full power and potential of our people. The potential we see through the convergence of diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and technology are fundamental to achieving our business objectives and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Read the latest editorial coverage about Cisco Inclusion and Collaboration initiatives:


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  • October Savoy Magazine Top Influential Women 2016 feature article highlighting Shari Slate Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer and Ehrika Gladden, Vice President, Market Strategy for Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Group
  • November Hispanic Executive Magazine, Guillermo Diaz, CIO
  • November US Veterans Magazine, Jason Phillips,VP of Digital HR and Chief of Staff
  • December Latino Leaders Magazine, Laura Quintana, VP Corporate Affairs
  • December Latina Style Magazine, Alessandra Sapiz, Sr. Director Global Sales Events and Talent


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