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Recruiting young leaders to reach young minds

Teach For All is an expanding network of more than 40 organizations. They span the globe, representing enormous culture diversity. What unifies them is a determination to end educational inequity. They recruit and train recent college graduates and professionals from diverse academic disciplines to work in high-needs schools for at least two years.

Belief in any child’s ability to succeed

If all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, it would lift 171 million people out of poverty. Studies like this show how much the world has to gain from eradicating educational inequity. Realistically, there’s no single solution to such a complex problem. But Teach For All believes the single most important requirement is leadership.

  • The teachers recruited for the program all want to inspire students to believe in themselves and achieve seemingly impossible goals
  • Many teachers go beyond the classroom to address the causes and symptoms of inequality in their countries and around the world
  • Over 60 percent of the program’s 55,000 alumni continue to work in education and low-income communities beyond their initial two-year commitments

Reaching everyone who can benefit

Networking is not a core competency of Teach For All, and many of its participating partners work in remote locations with no dedicated IT staff. Cisco product donations are the basis for a global telecommunications network, enabling partners, teachers, and alumni to share ideas and best practices.

  • In just four years, Teach For All has increased the number of participating countries from 23 to 44
  • The organization used the network to create regional hubs to make it easier to provide support to all partners
  • Video conferencing speeds the hiring process while eliminating costly travel
  • Product donations for partner Teach For America resulted in almost US$6M in savings over five years

Global impact of shared education model

900,000 students in high-needs schools reached in past year

14,000 teachers in 44 countries recruited and trained in past year

65% of alumni continue to work in education or community organizations

Our vision is for students to become conscious and empowered individuals who can use their educated voice to advocate for themselves, their family, and their community.

Wizdom Amouzou, Teacher, Teach For America

A network of life-long leaders

Learn how Teach For All partners are developing effective teachers and collaborative leaders who are deeply rooted in their communities.