Transforming Global Data Collection and Analysis

KoBoToolbox provides organizations with the tools to improve data collection in response to humanitarian crises.

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Data-driven help where it matters

KoBoToolbox is a free, open-source, digital data collection and analysis platform that allows reliable, fast, and easy data collection at a professional level in challenging environments.

  • Supports efficient collection of data about conflicts and disasters worldwide.
  • Works online and offline, even in remote or disaster-impacted areas.
  • Enables intuitive data management, visualization, and analysis in challenging environments.
  • Facilitates faster and more coordinated relief efforts with better resource allocation.

The support of Cisco is essential to ensure that we can sustain KoBoToolbox as a global public good that benefits these frontline responders and the wider humanitarian and development communities.

Patrick Vinck, Co-Founder of KoBoToolbox and President of KoBo Inc.

Partnering for innovation, sustainability, and growth

Since 2018, Cisco and the Cisco Foundation have provided three grants supporting KoBoToolbox—the free, open-source, digital data collection and analysis platform.

Today, KoBoToolbox is the most widely used data collection and analysis platform in humanitarian assistance and protection. It has been used in conflict and natural disaster settings around the world.

Cisco has since provided five grants to help develop and scale the KoBoToolbox platform. The most recent grant, issued during the COVID-19 era, is fueling the development of Kobo Voice, which enables phone-based interviews, recording, translation, and transcription.

10 million surveys

KoBoToolbox receives about 10 million surveys each month, helping create an evidence base that is impacting millions of people worldwide who are affected by conflict or disasters.

Data collection tools for demanding situations

Explore KoBoToolbox’s free, open-source suite of tools for field data collection in the most challenging environments.

Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for education, economic empowerment, crisis response, and climate impact.