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Enabling students to transform their schools

Generation YES, also known as GenYES, prepares teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) to support K-12 teachers and IT staff as they integrate technology in schools to improve student learning. 

Meet tomorrow's tech global problem solvers

GenYES participants develop confidence and IT skills while supporting their schools.


Students helping students

GenYES harnesses the enthusiasm, energy, and expertise of students. They learn leadership skills and real-world IT skills necessary for career and college success, all while helping their schools.

  • GenYES is built on over 20 years of research and development
  • The program is customized for each school and has been implemented in more than 2000 schools to date
  • The program's cost-effective model supports both existing and future technology infrastructure
  • GenYES helps educators integrate technology into the student learning process

Bridging the digital divide

Part of the GenYES mission is to narrow the digital divide. As result of this gap, only 3% of the Silicon Valley workforce is Latino and 2% is African American.

  • Research shows these students often lack exposure to technology outside of school
  • This limits their ability to produce materials with technology, like multimedia, coding, or robotics
  • GenYES gives these students, and all of a school's students and teachers, an opportunity to use technology on a daily basis

Investing in the future workforce

Cisco has provided multiple cash investments to help GenYES expand its initiatives, including:

  • In 2014, our support helped GenYES prepare 1000 student technology leaders and teachers in 30 Yuma County, Arizona schools. The STLs provided 1500 hours of tech support, saving over US$75,000 in IT expenses and supporting 25,000 students
  • By bringing the GenYES program to eight Oakland, California schools through a partnership with New Leaders in 2016, Cisco helped jumpstart expansion of the program to many of New Leaders’ 1800+ schools

We often think of our students as our future, but at Generation YES, we consider students to be here now. They have talents, they have energy, they have expertise.

Dennis Harper, Ph.D, Founder of GenYES

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