Cisco Completes MaintenanceNet Acquisition

Cisco Completes Jasper Acquisition

Simplifying IoT for Enterprises and Service Providers

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 22, 2016, Cisco completed its acquisition of Jasper, a privately-held company based in Santa Clara, CA. Jasper’s industry-leading cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) service platform enables companies of all sizes to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services on a global scale.

Digitization is transforming the world. Cisco believes in a world where everything intelligent will be connected. IoT is a business imperative but implementation can be complex. Cisco is a leading provider of IoT connectivity, security and analytics with thousands of customers and proven use cases. With the acquisition of Jasper, we are moving up the stack to deliver a complete portfolio that simplifies the launch, management and monetization of IoT.

Jasper will become the IoT Cloud Business Unit, under SVP/GM Rowan Trollope, IoT and Applications. Jasper’s IoT service platform allows enterprises to connect their devices – from cars to jet engines to implanted pacemakers – over the cellular networks of top global service providers, and then manage and monetize IoT services. Companies can deliver global IoT services across multiple service providers through Jasper’s cloud-based platform. Cisco and Jasper share the same vision for accelerating IoT adoption and building a complete IoT solution.

Together, Jasper and Cisco will work closely with enterprises and global service providers to manage and drive a wide range of connected devices and IoT services that deliver a predictable recurring revenue business model. Cisco will continue to build upon Jasper’s IoT service platform and add new services including advanced IoT security and analytics solutions to better manage device usage.

Jasper has partnered with 27 global service provider groups, representing more than 100 mobile networks worldwide to deliver IoT services in over 100 countries today. It has a proven IoT service platform providing connectivity over cellular to over 3500 enterprises.

Acquisitions and investments remain a key part of Cisco’s build, buy, partner, and integrate strategy. IoT is a critical component of Cisco’s priorities and imperative to the company’s overall strategy to be the number one IT company.

Q: When you announced the intent to acquire Jasper, you said you were going to accelerate IoT and customer success. What does that mean?
A: IoT has immense promise, but it is also immensely complex today. Now that Cisco and Jasper have teamed up, enterprises will be able to take advantage of the collective experience and scale of these two industry leaders to build connected businesses while continuing to focus on their own core competencies. Cisco and Jasper make it easier for companies of all sizes to launch, manage and monetize IoT services by delivering an industry wide interoperability platform for IoT services. We are going to immediately use the products and services that each company has to offer today, and will be working together to deliver comprehensive integrated solutions in the months and years to come.
Q: How will this acquisition connect the Enterprise and the Service Provider?
A: Enterprise customers are seeing the estimated $4.3T IoT opportunity (Machina Research) as huge and want their share of that business, but often IoT is too complex for them to deploy and manage at scale. Cisco and Jasper’s vision is to simplify IoT, both for Enterprises and Service Providers (SP). We want to build from our base in networking to offer customers the ability to connect, secure and manage IoT data from device to edge to cloud. Jasper’s IoT cloud platform allows any product – from cars to jet engines to implanted pacemakers - to connect over a global network of the top service providers. Companies who want their products connected to the network work through Jasper’s cloud, without having to coordinate with each individual service provider.

Jasper coordinates the initial relationship between the enterprise customer and the SP, and then manages the cellular connectivity for the connected devices. Jasper manages connectivity with a turnkey SAAS offering and provides companies real-time access and insight into usage, device performance, trouble shooting, policy management and eco-system management. Jasper receives its revenue through SPs based on the number of connected devices and usage on a monthly basis.

Cisco’s existing IoT solutions are formed of six pillars:

Network connectivity

Cisco delivers a broad selection of routing, switching, and wireless products in the IoT networking products portfolio. The Cisco network connectivity portfolio spans from the cloud to the fog – from the data center to industrial networks as well as to the extreme edge.

Fog computing

Cisco offers a combination of software and hardware that extends the cloud model closer to the things, which are located at the network edge. With open APIs, core application services, and an application development framework, IoT applications can be easily extended from the cloud to the fog. The Cisco fog-computing portfolio includes an array of edge network devices with integrated computing, networking, and storage.

Data analytics

Cisco offers IoT analytics to help analyze data from connected devices.


Our IoT security solutions include cloud-based threat protection, OT specific security appliances, network and perimeter security, data security, user- and group-based identity services, video analytics, and secure physical access.

Management and automation

Cisco offers several specialized management solutions for specific IoT verticals and deployments.

Application enablement platform

At Cisco we understand that IoT is a large ecosystem, and interoperability is a key part of our overall IoT platform. This pillar is about APIS that enable our ecosystem partners and application developers to build IoT solutions.

Jasper Customers:
If you are an existing customer or partner of Jasper and have questions about your product or service, please continue to contact your existing Jasper sales representative.

Cisco Customers:
If you are an existing customer or partner of Cisco and have questions about your product or services, please continue to contact your existing Cisco sales representative.

Jasper customers should continue to use the existing process for support on installed Jasper technology. Cisco will notify you in advance of any change to the support process.

Cisco customers should continue to use the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for technical support on Cisco products. For more information about opening a technical support case and for regional TAC telephone numbers, refer to Cisco Worldwide Support Contacts.

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Together, Cisco and Jasper will transform IoT, delivering an industry-wide interoperability platform for IoT services, application developers and eco-system of partners.