Internet of Things (IoT)

Transform Data into Action at the Network Edge

With open APIs, core application services, and an app development framework, Cisco supports Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications from the cloud to the fog.

Cisco Fog Computing Advantages

Expanded Portfolio with Unified Infrastructure

IoT devices can be distributed over large areas, including harsh environments such as roadways, railways, utility field substations, and vehicles. Cisco fog nodes offer a unified platform and a wide range of ruggedized and non-ruggedized form factors.

Data Management from the Cloud to the Fog

Cisco Fog Data Services can enable organizations to manage IoT data based on policy. Our services apply rules to reduce, control, and standardize data produced by devices. Time-sensitive data is collected, stored, and analyzed at the network edge, while less critical data is sent to the cloud for historical analysis.

Redundancy and Failover

Fog computing can increase reliability and availability of IoT applications and data. Cisco UCS servers, switches, and routers employ high-availability technology to create network-wide resilience as organizations scale networks with millions of new endpoints and applications.

Cisco Fog Computing Delivers Business Outcomes

Increased Agility and Innovation

Fog Data Services can increase revenue opportunities by accelerating development of new services. Cisco edge network devices with compute, network, and storage capabilities allow data to be stored, analyzed, and communicated close to the source, eliminating the latency inherent in cloud models.

Improved Security

Cisco IoT-enabled security spans from the cloud to the fog. It addresses threats before, during, and after attacks so organizations can reap IoT benefits without sacrificing security.

Deeper Insights with Improved Data Privacy

Gain real-time intelligence with data privacy by managing the volume, variety, and velocity of IoT data and eliminating the need to send sensitive data to a cloud for analysis.

Lower Operating Expenses

With automated policy-based provisioning, visibility, and management Cisco supports rapid scalability while reducing operating expenses. Fog Data Services policies can conserve network bandwidth by reducing the amount of data that is analyzed and stored in a cloud.

Cisco Fog Computing Portfolio