Streamlined, cross-functional processes accelerate how new employees work productively and minimize the transition impact on customers.

This case study describes how Cisco IT has streamlined the activity for integrating a corporate acquisition into the Cisco network. The Cisco acquisition in 2011 of Pari Networks presented several challenges to Cisco IT, especially because of a 30-day integration schedule. Cisco IT needed to provide laptops and secure network connectivity for Pari engineers working in a converted residential apartment building in India before they could be relocated to a Cisco office. New employee orientation was also needed to be ready in California and India on the next business day after the deal closed. By defining integration tasks in cross-functional work streams, Cisco was able to accelerate its return on investment (ROI) from the acquisition and reduce impacts on the new employees and customers. Cisco IT's role in multiple work streams helped to deliver the resources for employee productivity from Day 1.

  • Cisco IT made a successful integration of Pari within a 30-day timeframe
  • Employee orientation sessions were held on the first day after the deal closed
  • All equipment and network connectivity was delivered on time
  • A move to the Cisco Bangalore office was completed on time
  • The Pari employees joined Cisco Services and were productive immediately

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