Case Study: Lotte Group

Lotte Group Innovates with Cisco SD-WAN

For 60 years, Lotte has been on a journey to enrich lives. More than 50 affiliates, research institutes, and business headquarters constantly challenge and innovate to bring industry success. Lotte is taking a leap forward to add value with our “Lifetime Value Creator.”



  • Additional lines required to accommodate increasing traffic, high network management costs
  • Need for a network infrastructure capable of real-time traffic detection and control per line
  • Improvement of network visibility, immediate cause analysis required in case of failure
  • Performance degradation issues caused by increasing use of cloud applications and services



  • Bandwidth improvement by more than 3 times
  • with 50% reduction in line cost (Lotte Home Shopping)
  • Enhancement of central management and automation functions to secure visibility of the entire network and ease management burden
  • Improve cloud/business application performance, ensure business continuity, and enhance security
  • Immediate response to changes in the business environment by providing a more flexible communication infrastructure

In order to streamline IT line costs and manage the entire network safely, Lotte Group is working with Lotte Information & Communication and Cisco SD-WAN. As a result, Lotte Home Shopping improved its bandwidth by more than three times at a cost reduction of more than 50%.

Lotte Information & Communication, IDC Division Head Han Wang-seok

Lotte Group

For the past 50 years, we have grown by delivering happiness to our customers through constant challenge and innovation in fields like food, distribution, tourism, chemicals, construction, and finance while establishing our position as a global group.