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Case Study: Convitto Nazionale Umberto Primo

Securing student learning with Cisco solutions

With today's youth growing up online, technology has transformed education. Learn how one Italian boarding school keeps their students productive and engaged, while safeguarding their online learning with Cisco security solutions.



  • Inadequate infrastructure with a gigabit connection operated by the University of Turin
  • Wi-Fi hot spot disparity and multi-vendor switches made IT management tedious
  • Inadequate security and permission management tools complicated online content filtering


  • Stable, secure infrastructure provides reliable connectivity to students
  • Eliminated mixed-vendor architecture
  • Powerful and flexible permissions to allowlist appropriate content and blocklist unsuitable material
  • Simpler security­­ with access privileges set by content and location
  • Cisco partner, NSC, provides IT support to the school's small IT team

What they're saying

As educators, it’s our job to provide our students with the best options to learn. We can now do that better than ever before. And I can rest easy knowing they are safe, focused, exploring appropriate content, and using technology to get the best possible education.

Stefano Vinti, Professor of Mathematics and Physics, IT Coordinator, Convitto Nazionale Umberto Primo

Who is Convitto Nazionale Umberto Primo?

Industry: Education
Location: Torino, Italy
Size: 1,500 students, 300+ educators and support staff
Website: cnuto.edu.it

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