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Case Study: Avit

Scaling a business with Cisco and HyperFlex

Avit, one of the Netherland's leading IT consultancies, turned to longtime partner Cisco when it sought to provide enterprise clients with hybrid cloud solutions. With Cisco’s HyperFlex Multicloud Platform, Avit is helping its largest customers take advantage of the speed and scalability of the cloud while keeping their most important data on-site.



  • Increase data center capacity.
  • Supply customers with scalable hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Centralize, manage, safeguard, and host clients IT services.


  • Hybrid cloud support.
  • Impressive capacity and performance.
  • Ability to scale up quickly if needed.

What they’re saying

If there is one takeaway from what we’ve learned at Avit, it’s to trust Cisco. Our partnership is very much a joint sales effort that is based on mutual respect. When Cisco launches a new product or service, or decides to become number one in an existing market segment, we pay very close attention.

Marco Remkes, CTO, Avit

Who is Avit?

Industry: Service provider
Location: Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Company size: 100 employees
Website: www.avitgroup.com