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New Network Saves Factory $1M in the First Year

Automotive Manufacturer Eliminates Costly Network Downtime

AWNC implemented a secure Wi-Fi network across its entire factory. Now they can collect and analyze data to make smarter business decisions.

Customer Highlights


  • Deploy a reliable infrastructure
  • Increase security
  • Eliminate IT downtime and reduce costs



  • In the first nine months of operation the new equipment saved the company $1 million in maintenance costs and 40% of the savings will be ongoing
  • Virtually no factory down time due to network outages
  • Faster speeds, lower power consumption and the ability to process data like never before

What they’re saying

This has been a game changer for our business. We completely recouped our initial investment in just nine months and saved more than $1M in the first year.

Ayako Wilson, Senior General Manager, AWNC

Who is AW North Carolina?

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Parent Company: Aisin Group
Employees: 2,066