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Cisco Corporate Environmental Policy

A commitment from leadership to employees, customers, and the community

    Sustainability and protecting the environment are a priority at Cisco. Our approach to protecting the environment is to set long-term goals to address the environmentally significant impacts from our products and business operations.  Our most material environmental issues are energy and greenhouse gases, managing product end-of-life and implementing circular economy principles to conserve the Earth's resources.

    We use our annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report to detail our environmental policies.  Our Environmental Management System (EMS) drives continual improvement in our business processes, products, and services to address our environmental impacts.

    For our complete product and service portfolio and our global operations, including mergers and acquisitions, Cisco is committed to the following:

    • Operate our business in a manner that reduces our impacts on the environment, prevents pollution, and protects the environment and resources.
    • Manage the life cycle of our products, solutions, and services in an environmentally responsible manner.
    • Maintain full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and other obligations. When our own requirements are more stringent, we operate to these higher standards. We require this same compliance of our business partners and contractors.   
    • Continue to evaluate and review annually, using our EMS, the impact of our business on the environment, set goals to reduce these impacts, and measure our progress; and report performance in our annual CSR report.  
    • Continually improve our EMS and CSR performance.

    For more information about Cisco's EMS, please contact bms-listening@cisco.com.  The latest CSR report, which is organized by subject area according to Global Reporting Initiative taxonomy, is available at http://www.cisco.com/go/csrreport.