Medianet Architecture

Simplify and Scale Voice and Video Deployments

Differentiate Your Applications

Differentiate Your Applications

See how Media Awareness can help extract actionable information from the network. (3:59 min)

Differentiate Your Applications

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Enhance User Experience End-to-End

Media Awareness helps the network to become application and rich-media context aware end to end. The network works together with the video endpoints and applications for optimal quality of experience for end-users and improved visibility for IT.

The solution includes three features:

  • Flow Metadata manages and transfers application attributes to the network, allowing appropriate policies to be applied at each hop, end to end.
  • Media Services Proxy uses light weight, deep-packet inspection techniques to snoop standards-based signaling protocols. Media Services Proxy produces flow metadata attributes that can be shared among network nodes.
  • Cisco Network-Based Application Recognition, Version 2 provides protocol detection for a network, which is the process by which the system determines that a particular network flow is from a specific application.

Media Awareness helps organizations:

  • Differentiate business-critical applications and determine the importance of a session based on its business value so the network can consistently provide service assurance and optimal user experience
  • Extract actionable application information from the network

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