Medianet Architecture

Comprehensive Video Strategy

Cisco Medianet technologies integrate together to deliver an end-to-end architecture that enables video applications to interact with the underlying infrastructure. This architecture encompasses solutions for businesses and all service provider industries.

A Cisco Medianet architecture includes a smarter network, smarter endpoints, shared media services, and cloud services. This architecture can empower you to deliver a more visual, social, personal, and interactive experience to end users.

How does a Cisco Medianet empower you to deliver this experience? It provides a set of features and capabilities that tightly integrate all parts of the architecture into an ecosystem of technologies.

As a result, information can be shared between disparate system technologies more transparently. Your network has the intelligence to distinguish different application types on a more granular level, such as a video conference application or a video streaming application. And it does so quickly and automatically.

Features and Capabilities


  • Automates device configuration and registration
  • Simplifies deployment of video endpoints
  • Reduces ongoing operational costs of media applications and endpoints

Media Monitoring

  • Enhances visibility into traffic flows on the network
  • Helps reduce operating costs with faster troubleshooting of video, voice, and data
  • Enables precise assessment of the impact of video, voice, and data on the network

Media Awareness

  • Differentiates business-critical applications and determines the importance of a session based on its business value
  • Enables the network to support service assurance and an optimal user experience
  • Extracts actionable application information from the network

Media Services Interface

  • Helps reduce costs of deploying and managing video endpoints
  • Allows you to quickly troubleshoot issues and cut operational costs
  • Can be used to detect network issues while they occur for immediate remediation