Medianet Architecture

Strategies for Businesses and Service Providers

Whether you're a business or a service provider, Cisco gives you a clear migration path to a medianet architecture.

For businesses of all sizes, Cisco offers a variety of endpoints that work with our media transformation products and core networking technologies. These endpoints can be easily and quickly centrally managed for smooth administrative and end-user experiences.

For service providers, Cisco offers a single end-to-end architecture with exceptional scalability and efficiency. You can deliver hosted video deployments as a service, regardless of complexity, or quickly release superior services to set yourself apart from the competition.

Architectural Elements

Deploy and scale multiple video applications across a range of use cases. The Cisco Medianet architecture includes the following:

Variety of Endpoints

Endpoints range from IP-based surveillance cameras, to integrated software clients that run on a user's desktop, to the high-definition Cisco TelePresence solution that provides an immersive "face-to-face" experience.

Shared Media Services

Enrich your video applications with services such as media delivery and distribution, recording and streaming, and multipoint conferencing.

Cloud Services

Extend medianet capabilities beyond the enterprise to enable service provider-to-business, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer media experiences.

Network-Based Capabilities

Intelligent capabilities are embedded in endpoints, routers, and switches automating processes, monitoring network behavior, and extracting more information about the type of video running on the network.