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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Overview

As traditional IT departments are under pressure to provide more agility and better outcomes to the business, a new model for operations has emerged–Fast IT. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) can enable Fast IT by providing a common policy-based operational model across the entire ACI-ready infrastructure, drastically reducing cost and complexity.

This system-based approach simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the entire application deployment lifecycle across data center, WAN, access, and cloud. In doing so, it empowers IT to be more responsive to changing business and application needs, enhancing agility and adding business value.

Cisco ACI for the Data Center

Cisco ACI for the Data Center

Cisco ACI for the data center is an innovative, highly secure architecture that delivers centralized application-driven policy automation, management, and visibility of physical and virtual networks. It is optimized for tomorrow's emerging architectures as well, supporting an "application-anywhere" model with complete freedom of application movement and placement.

Learn how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure can help you manage your data center.

Cisco ACI for the Enterprise Network

Cisco ACI for the Enterprise Network

The enterprise module for the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC-EM) expands Cisco ACI capabilities to encompass all areas of the enterprise network. This includes the data center, WAN, access, and cloud.

Cisco ACI is the only industry offering to address security and policy challenges across all enterprise domains and the cloud. Cisco takes full advantage of the benefits of our hardware, software, and security portfolios to deliver advanced solutions across the widest range of business-enhancing use cases in the industry.

Find out how the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module extends Cisco ACI across your enterprise.

Cisco ONE Software Suites

Cisco ONE Software Suites

As Cisco ACI demonstrates, software is becoming an increasingly important component of the Cisco strategy. The Cisco ONE software suites deliver a flexible, easy-to-consume licensing model of logically bundled Cisco software infrastructure assets made available through simple subscriptions.

Learn how Cisco ONE Software Suites offer new options for purchasing software.

For Executives

See how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) helps IT move more quickly.

Executives Weigh In on Cisco ACI

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