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Cisco at IBC 2010

Cisco at IBC 2010

See It, Live It, Share It: Medianet in Action

Technology and applications are reshaping our world and our business models. Please join Cisco at IBC 2010 for a high-level perspective on present and future medianet technologies.

Cisco provides service providers and content providers with innovative media cloud solutions that reliably produce and distribute quality video throughout the entire video lifecycle from content creation to consumption and enables “one stream to many screens” a reality.

Cisco at IBC 2010. Hall 1. Stand D.71.

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In addition, Cisco will also conduct guided stand tours during exhibit hours, visit us at the Cisco stand to schedule your tour.

Cisco Speaking

Cisco is participating in the IBC 2010 Conference and the SCTE Lecture Day, running during IBC. When building your show itinerary, be sure to includethese informative sessions:

IBC 2010 Conference: Plenary Session
Overarching Session Title:Monetizing Branded Content in a Social-Media Driven World
Date:Thursday, 9 September, 2010
Time:4:30–6:00 p.m.
Keynote Introduction:Scott BrownScott Brown, Director Marketing, CMSG
Keynote Speaker:Alex Balfour, Director, London Olympics 2012 / Social Media
Panel Moderator:Neville WheelerNeville Wheeler, Director Business Development and CMSG
SCTE Lecture Day: Session 1
Session Title:Preparing the Network for 1 Gbps Switching
Description:Applying CPEs with 1 Gbps in the home requires a network able to handle this switching capacity. This session will evaluate the requirements on switching level in order to accommodate these services in FttH networks.
Date:Tuesday, 14 September, 2010
Speaker:Luis Batalha MartinsLuis Batalha Martins, Manager, Business Development, Cable Europe
SCTE Lecture Day: Session 2
Session Title:Offering 3D TV
Description:Service providers are looking for new items, and 3D TV is one of them. This application also requires extra data speed, and this session will cover the present status of 3D TV and the requirements of the networks in terms of data speed and other Layer 2 aspects.
Date:Tuesday, 14 September, 2010
Speaker:Nick FielibertNick Fielibert, Director, Business Development, SPVTG

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Solution Demonstrations

Floor Plan (PDF - 127 KB)

Area 1: Next-Generation Video Encoding

Next-Generation Video Encoding

Showcasing the latest broadcast-quality video-encoding platform, the D9036 multiservice encoder, this demonstration focuses on the superior video quality enabled by the D9036. The D9036 can provide up to eight channels of standard-definition broadcast-quality video or four channels of high-definition video from a single 1RU device, lowering the capex and opex costs of operators while at the same time providing enhanced video quality: at least 15 percent better than that provided by previous generation devices.

Area 2: Video Distribution

Multiformat Video Processor

New for IBC 2010. This demonstrates a new option for the Digital Content Manager (DCM) to convert from any broadcast format to any other broadcast format. This means taking incoming content in standard definition or high definition, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and transcoding or transrating as required. We will specifically demonstrate the ability to insert static or moving logos into the video.

Primary Distribution

Cisco has a wide portfolio of professional satellite receivers designed for open standard conditional access systems and also for Cisco’s secure PowerVu system. This display will show the range of receivers, including two new additions:

  • D9865 business satellite receiver, which provides an ideal platform for private/business TV networks
  • DCM Dense Receiver Dycryptor, a new option module for the DCM providing the ability to received from DVB-S or DVB-S2 and descramble a high volume of services in a single module

Area 3: Video Contribution over IP

Video Contribution over IP

This demonstration will highlight the latest low-latency, ultra-high-quality video capabilities of the DCM IP Video Gateway, showing uncompressed and JPEG2000 compressed video over Ethernet. In addition, witness the fully transparent redundancy mechanism enabled by Cisco’s live-live network capabilities and the related hitless switchover feature in the DCM. This real-time demo will show a direct comparison between uncompressed JPEG2000 and MPEG-4 AVC video adaptation.

Area 4: Cisco Media Data Center and Network and Access

The Cisco Media Data Center

The Cisco Media Data Center is a video-optimized network and data center infrastructure that provides the foundation for both digital media workflows and content distribution. It provides a common high-performance, high-capacity server and storage architecture for media workflow applications.

Through a combination of network optimizations and processing power in Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco Nexus platforms, Cisco Media Data Center technologies are delivering video and other rich media with unprecedented scale and performance. Encoding, streaming, content security, and other functions that once required purpose-built hardware are now being “virtualized” and delivered using a unified computing platform that helps content providers and service providers to deliver their applications in a flexible, scalable, and lossless way over Ethernet, with standard hardware that reduces operations costs and simplifies upgrades.

Network and Access

DOCSIS 3.0 Access for VDOC/IPTV

Cisco will be demonstrating a Video-Over-DOCSIS (VDOC) architecture using MediaRoom2.0 on our new Cisco ISB model IP set-top boxes. With Instant Channel Change, fast VOD and EPG search, series recoding and whole home DVR already existent on Microsoft, the MediaRoom2.0 solution showcases more features such as:

  • Media Sharing
  • Pause live TV on non-DVR boxes
  • Ease of using Presentation Framework to build third-party applications

The demonstration will include:

  • Next generation Cisco ISB6030 DVR model
  • Next generation Cisco ISB2000 Non-DVR model
  • New Cisco VEN401/402 wireless video bridges (static display only)

Area 5: Consumer Experience

Open Client Platform

Cisco will demonstrate a standards based software solution for DVB set-top boxes. The solution is built around open standards and web based services to improve consumer experience and service velocity. The demonstration will include:

  • 8685DVB HD Hybrid Media Server with internal DOCSIS 2.0+ cable modem
  • 3D and 2D video content, DVR, trick play, DLNA discovery and streaming of content from home storage device, VoD client, web browsing and FLASH Lite widgets
  • High definition 32-bit graphics user interface in both 2D and 3D modes
  • Video streaming of content to the STB using Cisco CDS-IS platform

IP/Cable Hybrid HD Media Server

As a leader in the integration of OpenTV middleware for DVB system providers, Cisco will demonstrate integration of the latest OpenTV Core onto an interactive STB including:

  • 4586DVB HD Interactive STB with dual video tuners and internal cable modem
  • OpenTV Core 2.2 supporting External Hard Drive and DLNA Client
  • High Definition 32-bit graphics user interface
  • External consumer furnished Hard Drive to provide upgrade to DVR capabilities

IPTV Set-Top Boxes

Cisco will be demonstrating MediaRoom2.0 on IP set-top boxes. With Instant Channel Change, fast VOD and EPG search, series recoding and whole home DVR already existent on Microsoft, the MediaRoom2.0 solution showcases more features such as:

  • Media Sharing
  • Pause live TV on non-DVR boxes
  • Ease of using Presentation Framework to build third-party applications

The demonstration will include:

  • Next generation Cisco ISB2000 Non-DVR model
  • Static samples of the Cisco ISB2000, 6000, and new ISI8000 Series set-tops

W3C Browser-Based Client

Cisco will be demonstrating video navigation on w3c compliant browser based client that can be adapted to the needs of Cable/Wireline Service Providers. Specific use cases illustrated include:

  • OTT applications and widgets on TV
  • Customizable UI experiences
  • 2-dimentional, easy to use, menu navigation
  • Intelligent interactive guide
  • STB diagnostic pages

Area 6: Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks

The Cisco Managed Media Solution (CMMS) is a platform for delivering live and on-demand digital media, differentiating an operator's services from other content providers on the Internet. The Managed Media Solution allows high-speed data (HSD) operators to host content in the online video and addressable advertising markets from within their cable, wireline (DSL and FTTH) broadband access networks and mobile. Operators can negate competitive threats, expand their advertising options, track content-consumption trends, and grow and retain their customer base-while delivering innovative media services and a compelling quality experience that improves subscriber satisfaction.

Area 7: Kaon

Interactive Solution Showcase

Complete end-to-end video solutions, including video contribution over IP, media data center, IP primary distribution, VQE, and fast channel change.

Area 8: ROSA

ROSA Video Service Management

Visitors can see a real-time ROSA VSM demonstration linked to a live remote system based in the video center of excellence in Kortrijk. Also available will be a preview of the new ROSA 5 release, which includes specific capabilities designed for managing video contribution networks.

Area 9: Cisco Eos Social Entertainment

Cisco Eos

Cisco Eos®, a Cisco hosted cloud service enabling content providers to create, manage and monetize social entertainment experiences built around their online content.

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Customer Appreciation Reception

Cisco will host our annual reception to express appreciation to our valued customers. We look forward to seeing you in the Cisco stand.

Customer Appreciation Reception
Location:Cisco Stand, D.71, Hall 1
Date:Saturday, 11 September, 2010
Time:4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (16:00 – 18:00)

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