Cisco and NGO partners Habitat for Humanity, Inveneo, One Global Economy and Teachers Without Borders are addressing poverty alleviation in five Sub-Saharan African countries by providing affordable housing, community connectivity, online content and tools and hands on training. These countries include: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda.

"Forums like CGI are critical as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. As a global corporation, Cisco’s long-term business sustainability will be dependent on the impact we have on our employees, society as whole, and the environment. By being part of CGI, Cisco is able to not only discuss pressing world challenges but also collaborate with a broad array of stakeholders across the human network to take specific action to positively impact the way the world works, lives, plays, and learns."

Tae Yoo, SVP,
Corporate Affairs

The Partners

Habitat for Humanity -
Key facts: Addressing housing needs for the poor in 86 countries and 3,000 communities around the world; 300,000 built to date, including over 50,000 houses in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East.
CGI Commitment Role: Serve 278 low-income families with the provision of decent shelter, basic homeowner education and community leadership training in Sub Saharan Africa over next four years.

Inveneo -
Key facts: Creating and selling highly affordable and sustainable information and communications technologies that are specifically designed for organizations -- governments, NGOs, private enterprises -- that serve these rural communities with vital services that include education, healthcare, economic development, relief and telecenters. Watch video (2:11)
CGI Commitment Role: Install solar-powered computer labs, broadband wireless connectivity and other ICT infrastructure and leverage in-country partnerships to deliver ongoing support for partnership projects.

One Global Economy -
Key facts: Bringing broadband to the homes of low-income people and providing extensive capacity building resources in the form of a multilingual web portal called The Beehive.
CGI Commitment Role: Develop community portals and a youth training program to provide low-income individuals with accessible and understandable tools and information on a wide variety of topics including: money, health, education, jobs and careers, family, and starting a business.

Teachers Without Borders -
Key facts: Closing the educational divide through teacher training and community teaching & learning centers.
CGI Commitment Role: Provide online tools, courses, certifications, conferences, teaching and learning centers

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Partner Spotlight: Inveneo

Learn about the work Inveneo is doing in Africa.

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Partner Spotlight: Inveneo

Learn about the work Inveneo is doing in Africa.