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Transforming for the Future

What transformations are necessary now to prepare us for the future in the face of unparalleled economic, social, organizational, and climate change?

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Network-Enabled Sustainability

Whether we are speaking of a company, a society, or the planet itself, long-term sustainability requires collaboration on a global scale.

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Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008

This report documents Cisco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. It sets forth our CSR philosophy and describes the progress we have made in initiatives directed at improving the health, welfare, and sustainability of our business and the communities where we operate worldwide.

We have prepared the report using the current Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and the United Nations Global Compact. It incorporates data and feedback received from our employees, shareholders, customers, and the many private, government, and nongovernmental organizations with which we partner.

We believe that the information in this report is a faithful representation of our business operations, presented within the context of the company’s social and economic responsibilities. Please direct any questions to