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Public safety and security is a complex and rapidly evolving discipline and no single vendor can provide all pieces of the solution. Therefore, it is vital for the industry to develop and adopt open interfaces that enable existing and future solutions to work together. The Cisco® Open Platform for Safety and Security is an architectural framework that can help you proactively protect your workforce, citizens, and mission-critical assets.

Architecture Vision

The Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security is an architectural framework that can help you proactively protect your workforce, citizens, and mission-critical assets.

Safety and Security Domains

Crisis Management (PDF - 422 KB)
Take steps to avoid technology failure and establish formal communications processes to avoid and/or manage crisis situations.

Urban Security (PDF - 1.7 MB)
Manage a growing number of security incidents with fewer personnel, freeing up resources for crime prevention.

Architecture Building Blocks

Citizen to Authority (PDF - 2.8 MB)
Provides two-way communications capabilities (e.g., citizens can use a single phone number like 112, 911 or 999 to request emergency support. Authorities can alert a specific group of individuals about immediate danger, etc.)

Command and Control (PDF - 1.4 MB)
Coordinates incident response and provides up-to-date common operational picture, actionable intelligence, and decision support tools.

Incident Collaboration (PDF - 898 KB)
Helps ensure that public safety teams can communicate using any available technology (e.g. IP and analog or digital radio) and any media (e.g. voice, video, instant message (IM) or short message service (SMS), etc.)

Mission Critical (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Optimize emergency operations with a scalable, resilient, secure, and intelligent network.

Mobile Force (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Delivers services to the field over wireless networks (e.g. police officers in their vehicles can securely access central databases, fire commanders can monitor conditions at the scene through the biosensors on fire).

Sensing and Actuation (PDF - 427 KB)
Analyzes data from sensors at the incident scene, streams the filtered information to the operations center, and provides the means for swift and automated remote action in response to sensor input.

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Solution Components

Cisco Platform for Safety and Security incorporates a variety of Cisco technologies to expand your capabilities.

Physical Security

Video Surveillance, Access Control, Incident Response, or IP Cameras

Safety and Security

Learn how to make the right information and tools available, to the right agency, and to citizens, at the right time.

NAC (Network Admission Control)
Allow only compliant and trusted endpoint devices onto the network to suppress emerging security threats and risks.

Cisco Collaboration Applications

Facilitate information sharing with these collaboration products:

Cisco Unified Video Advantage

Add video to your communications experience by providing video telephony functionality to Cisco Unified IP phones.

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

A complete multimedia solution that fully integrates voice, video, and Web conferencing capabilities.

Cisco Unified Presence Server

Collect information about a user's availability status and communications capabilities.

Cisco Telepresence Meeting Solution

Interact and collaborate like never before with face-to-face meetings over the network.

CiscoWorks Network Compliance Manager (NCM) Appliance

Identify and correct trends that could potentially lead to network instability and service interruption.