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Short Term Financing Advantages

Manage high growth - Increase your purchasing power and ensure timely deliveries of the equipment you purchase.

Flexibility - Expenditures can be matched to budgetary levels. Your business conditions - cash flow, equipment needs and company growth rates can be managed more effectively.

Easy - Financing with Cisco Systems Capital typically requires less documentation than bank financing.

Improve your Cisco relationship - If you pay for your purchases within the terms of your Cisco agreement, you can foster a stronger relationship with Cisco.

Long Term Financing (Leasing) Advantages

Lower cost - Leasing conserves capital. Monthly lease payments are less than monthly purchase payments or monthly depreciation plus interest expense.

Flexibility - Payments can be matched to budgetary levels. Your business conditions - cash flow, equipment needs and tax situation - help define the terms of your lease.

Protection against obsolescence - The lease can be structured to include upgrades and partial or complete equipment swaps either at mid-term or at lease-end.

Eliminates risk - The equipment can be returned at the end of the lease without regard for its book value or the expense of proper disposal.

Convenient - Leasing provides on-the-spot, one-stop financing for a total solution. Hardware, software, maintenance and asset management can be included in the lease.

Easy - Leasing typically requires less documentation than bank financing and fewer internal approvals than a capital purchase.

Protects against inflation - Aggressive fixed-rate pricing allows for protection against inflation whereas variable-rate leases let you take advantage of falling interest rates.

Other Advantages -

  • Ability to customize payment schedules
  • Lease payments are fixed
  • Improved return on assets (ROA)
  • No public disclosures
  • Lease rental payments are made from pre-tax rather than after-tax earnings
  • Impact on book earnings

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