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Product Expertise - Cisco Systems, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of networking solutions and because our leasing sales representatives work closely with your Cisco sales representatives, we are well equipped to solve both your networking and financing needs.

Service Expertise - We leverage our vast experience in servicing complex corporate customer requirements in a timely manner.

Cost of Networking - Cisco Systems Capital's services are designed to assist our customers in reducing the overall cost of their networks. Therefore we offer aggressive financing rates, flexible terms and conditions to meet our customer's business requirements.

Ability to Provide Operating Lease Treatment - Cisco Systems Capital provides FMV Leases that may qualify as operating leases for accounting purposes. However, your accountant is best able to determine if it is an operating lease and how to treat it in your books.

Flexibility - Cisco Systems Capital provides flexible terms and conditions to solve the network financing needs of Cisco customers from Small and Medium businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Further, software, consulting services, maintenance, and most hardware, including all Cisco hardware, required for a network project may be bundled under one financing package.

Technology Refresh Lease Options

  • Upgrades during the lease term.
  • Ability to offer technology-refresh options that allow complete system swaps at predetermined periods

Technology Management Risks - A Cisco Systems Capital proposal includes the following options that potentially reduce the risks associated with technology management:

  • Technology refresh swap options
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • Trade-in values for existing aged equipment
  • Flexible end of lease options
  • Like-for-like equipment returns

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