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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewalls
Cisco PGW 2200 PSTN Gateway
Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch
Cisco AS5850 Universal Gateway
Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway
Cisco AS5400 Series Universal Gateways
Cisco 2600 Series Routers
Cisco 7200 Series Routers
Cisco 1700 Series Access Routers
Cisco 3600 Series Routers
Cisco IP Phone

Service providers are deploying converged voice-and-data services based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to meet the demands of a changing business environment, to attract new customers, and to add to their portfolio of revenue-generating services. With its foundation in Internet protocols, SIP provides the ability to integrate traditional voice services with Web-based data services, including self-based provisioning, instant messaging, presence, and mobility services.

Cisco is enabling the advance of new communications services with a complete SIP-enabled portfolio including IP phones and analog telephone adaptors, packet voice gateways, proxy servers, call control and signaling, and firewalls. These products are available today. Only Cisco is dedicated to providing ubiquitous and seamless protocol interoperability in its packet voice solutions, and Cisco solutions support a variety of call control and standard protocols including H.323, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), and SIP that can co-exist in the same customer network.


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IP Endpoints
Cisco IP Phone
Cisco IP Phone 7960 is a full-featured IP phone primarily for manager and executive needs. Cisco IP Phone 7940 is designed for users who require a minimal amount of directory numbers.

Cisco ATA 186 Analog Telephone Adaptor
Turns any analog phone into an IP phone, addressing the needs of the emerging market of "second-line "residential VoIP services.

Packet Voice Gateways
Cisco 1700 Modular Access Route
Provides high-speed multiservice networking for small and mid-sized businesses and small branch offices.

Cisco 2600 series Multiservice Platforms
The Cisco 2600 Series brings versatility, integration, and power to mid-sized branch offices.

Cisco 3600 series Multiservice Platforms
Modular, multiservice access platforms for medium-sized and larger branch offices and smaller Internet service providers (ISPs).

Cisco 7200 series Voice Gateway
With the ability to provide a multiservice or voice gateway solution ranging from one to 20 T1s (18 E1s), the midrange Cisco 7200 is an ideal platform for deployment in a wide variety of enterprise and service provider network architectures as managed Multiservice customer premises equipment (CPE) or as a voice gateway.

Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway
Provides two, four, or eight T1/E1s, along with a complete voice feature set, in a one-rack-unit, modular design.

Cisco AS5400 series Universal Gateways
Offer unparalleled capacity in only two rack units (RUs) with data, voice, fax, and wireless services on any port at any time.

Cisco AS5850 Universal Gateway
Specifically designed to meet the demands of large, innovative service providers, supports up to 2688 calls (4 x CT3s) ,96 T1s or 86 E1s of data, voice, fax, and mobile wireless calls on any port at any time.

Proxy Servers
SIP Proxy Server
The Cisco SIP Proxy Server is a call-control software package that enables service providers to build scalable, reliable packet telephony networks today.

Call Control and Signaling
Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch
The Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch provides call control and intelligence for establishing, maintaining, routing, and terminating voice calls, and also serves as an interface to enhanced services and application platforms.

Cisco PGW 2200 PSTN Gateway
The Cisco PGW 2200 bridges the legacy PSTN and next-generation packet networks—supporting either simple SS7 interconnect for dial and H.323 networks or intelligent call control and routing for Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), or H.323 networks.

Cisco PIX 500 Firewalls
The world-leading Cisco PIX Firewall Series is a family of reliable, purpose-built security appliances that deliver unprecedented levels of security, performance and reliability.


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