Data Center Management and Automation Services

Automate data center applications for operational efficiency

Realize the full business value of your automation technology investments with smart, personalized services from Cisco and its partners.

Data Center Management and Automation Services

Implementation Services

Cisco Tidal Quick Start Service

Cisco Tidal Quick Start Service helps increase your return on investment. They help ensure that all system components are fully integrated and configured to meet your business requirements. Our consultants work with your team to identify and execute the steps needed to immediately begin using the Cisco Tidal solution in your environment.

Cisco Tidal Implementation Service

Cisco Tidal Implementation Service offers professional setup and coordination of new product implementation. This service covers every phase, from preliminary planning and configuration to integration, testing, migration, and staff orientation. Our expert consultants help you accelerate return on investment, and they provide best practices tailored to your specific needs to complete your project on time.

Cisco Tidal Migration Service

Cisco Tidal Migration Service consolidates jobs scattered across the data center or on existing schedulers into a single Enterprise Scheduler. The Cisco framework supports any type of conversion. Simply provide a dump file from your existing scheduler, and our process rapidly migrates data, whether it is 100 or 100,000 jobs. Using our own migration center reduces onsite resource needs and expedites the process.

Cisco Tidal Solution Connector Development and Integration Service

Cisco Tidal Solution Connector Development and Integration Service offers Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler customers custom tailored connections to specialized ERP and internally developed application solutions within your workflow environment, helping you extend and enhance the reach of your Enterprise Scheduler infrastructure. Our consultants will help you plan, implement, and train your staff on specific best practices, ensuring rapid return-on-investment and faster delivery.

Operate and Optimization Services

Cisco Tidal Upgrade Consulting Service

The full-service engagement team of the Cisco Tidal Upgrade Consulting Service works with you to plan every phase of the upgrade. Our upgrade methodology focuses on five important phases:

  • Full readiness assessment and health check
  • Complete upgrade plan designed specifically for you
  • Test and production upgrade tasks
  • Postproduction support
  • Detailed knowledge transfer

Cisco Tidal Assessment Service

Our consulting team can help you optimize your Cisco Tidal environment with a rigorous assessment. This intensive analysis helps you maximize your investments and ensures an optimal performance within your Cisco Tidal Environment.

Cisco Tidal Training

The Cisco Tidal Training extensive curriculum promotes success with our software and helps you quickly deploy our solutions. Each training course provides hands-on interactive labs to build core competencies with Cisco Tidal solutions. Our instructors can also customize your training program or workshop and provide comprehensive knowledge transfer for optimal return on training investment.

Cisco Tidal Onsite Consulting Service

Cisco Services helps customers succeed. We offer a combination of subject-matter expertise and resources to help you manage daily operations so that you can focus on achieving your strategic objectives. Our consulting team provides local or remote administration and monitoring, or application support for short- or long-term projects. We help ensure availability and uptime in your Cisco Tidal environment.

Cisco Software Application Support

Cisco Software Application Services (SAS) and Software Application Services plus Upgrades (SASU) increase the value of your application technology. Both services offer 24-hour access to technical support and software upgrades and updates.

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