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Cisco Connect events offer access to best-in-class technical education content, networking opportunities, Cisco and partner expertise, and insight from Cisco leadership and other industry thought leaders. Events emphasize the following priorities:

A Local Focus

Cisco Connect events are held in your local language and draw like-minded attendees from your nearby community. That way, you can make the connections that will add ongoing value to the work you do every day.

Community-Oriented Content

The content and agenda of Cisco Connect events are tailored to the unique interests, challenges, and issues of your local community. They can help you understand how global trends and today's big ideas fit in your local context.

Access to Local Solution Providers

At Cisco Connect events, you can meet with local experts and experience the latest Cisco technology solutions first hand.

Explore the event calendar and join Cisco at a location near you.

Cisco Connect Schedule of Events

Cisco Connect events deliver a fresh perspective on the technology, topics, and business practices that are changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate.

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The Americas

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect events will resume in the fall. Check back for an updated schedule.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect Sweden 2017 September 6, 2017 Stockholm, Sweden

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Asia Pacific, Japan and China

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect events will resume in the fall. Check back for an updated schedule.

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Exhibitors and Sponsors Information

Cisco Connect events offer an outstanding opportunity to meet and network with valued Cisco customers. Here are some of the reasons to include Cisco Connect events in your promotional activities:

Attendance Continues to Grow

Year after year, Cisco events draw more people worldwide and create more buzz in the Cisco customer, press, and analyst communities. This can raise your profile with the audiences you want to reach.

Cisco Event Attendees Are Buyers

An overwhelming majority of attendees at Cisco events plan to purchase solutions exhibited by partner companies.

Cisco Partners Generate Quality Leads

Exhibitors and sponsors at Cisco events regularly connect with eager, motivated prospects, dramatically accelerating their sales cycle and lowering their cost of sales.

For more information on how to sponsor a Cisco Connect near you, please visit our event calendar and select the location near you for more details.

Events listed here are for information purposes only. All prior event registrations are CLOSED


2017 Archive

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect Salt Lake City 2017 May 25, 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah
Cisco Connect Milwaukee 2017 May 23, 2017 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cisco Connect Cincinnati 2017 May 18, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio
Cisco Connect Jackson 2017 May 16, 2017 Jackson, Mississippi
Cisco Connect Singapore 2017 May 12, 2017 Singapore
Cisco Connect Spain 2017 May 11, 2017 Spain
Cisco Connect Charlotte 2017 May 11, 2017 Charlotte, North Carolina
Cisco Connect Indianapolis 2017 May 10, 2017 Indianapolis, Indiana
Cisco Connect Raleigh 2017 May 9, 2017 Raleigh, North Carolina
Cisco Connect Richmond 2017 May 3, 2017 Richmond, Virginia
Cisco Connect Chicago 2017 May 2, 2017 Chicago, Illinois
Cisco Connect Oklahoma City 2017 April 27, 2017 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cisco Connect Boise 2017 April 26, 2017 Boise, Idaho
Cisco Connect Little Rock 2017 April 25, 2017 Little Rock, Arkansas
Cisco Connect Des Moines 2017 April 19, 2017 Des Moines, Iowa
Cisco Connect Las Vegas 2017 April 18, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada
Cisco Connect United Arab Emirates 2017 April 17-18, 2017 United Arab Emirates
Cisco Connect Pittsburgh 2017 April 13, 2017 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cisco Connect Jakarta 2017 April 11, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia
Cisco Connect Croatia 2017 April 6-7, 2017 Croatia
Cisco Connect Austin 2017 April 6, 2017 Austin, Texas
Cisco Connect Russia 2017 April 4-5, 2017 Russia
Cisco Connect Ho Chi Minh City 2017 March 30, 2017 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Cisco Connect Denmark 2017 March 29, 2017 Denmark
Cisco Connect Hanoi 2017 March 28, 2017 Hanoi, Vietnam
Cisco Connect Roanoke 2017 March 23, 2017 Roanoke, Virginia
Cisco Connect Bangkok 2017 March 23, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand
Cisco Connect New York 2017 March 21, 2017 Long Island, New York
Cisco Connect Cleveland 2017 March 21, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio
Cisco Connect Slovenia 2017 March 15-16, 2017 Slovenia
Cisco Connect Portland 2017 March 15, 2017 Portland, Oregon
Cisco Connect Manila 2017 March 14, 2017 Manila, Philippines
Cisco Connect Harrisburg 2017 March 8, 2017 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Cisco Connect South Africa 2017 March 5-7, 2017 South Africa
Cisco Connect San Francisco 2017 March 3, 2017 San Francisco, California
Cisco Connect Birmingham 2017 March 2, 2017 Birmingham, Alabama
Cisco Connect Orlando 2017 February 28, 2017 Orlando, Florida
Cisco Connect Kenya 2017 February 8-9, 2017 Kenya
Cisco Connect Turkey 2017 January 17, 2017 Turkey

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2016 Archive

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect Wellington 2016 December 8, 2016 Wellington, New Zealand
Cisco Connect Montreal 2016 December 7, 2016 Montreal, Canada
Cisco Connect Auckland 2016 December 6, 2016 Auckland, New Zealand
Cisco Connect Romania 2016 October 19, 2016 Romania
Cisco Connect Macedonia 2016 October 4-5, 2016 Macedonia
Cisco Connect Toronto 2016 May 18-19, 2016 Toronto, Canada

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2015 Archive

Event Name Date(s) Location
Cisco Connect Finland 2015 November 19, 2015 Helsinki, Finland
Cisco Connect Vancouver 2015 November 10, 2015 British Columbia, Canada
Cisco Connect Calgary 2015 November 5, 2015 Alberta, Canada
Cisco Connect Edmonton 2015 November 3, 2015 Alberta, Canada
Cisco Connect Montreal 2015 October 27, 2015 Montreal, Canada
Cisco Connect Winnipeg 2015 October 20, 2015 Manitoba, Canada
Cisco Connect Ottawa 2015 October 15, 2015 Ottawa, Canada
Cisco Connect Halifax 2015 October 6, 2015 Halifax, Canada
Cisco Connect Kazakhstan 2015 September 29 - 30, 2015 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Cisco Connect Toronto May 13-14, 2015 Toronto, Canada
Cisco Connect Czech Republic March 24-25, 2015 Prague, Czech Republic
Cisco Connect Poland March 18-20, 2015 Zakopane, Poland
Cisco Connect Romania March 18, 2015 Bucharest, Romania
Cisco Connect Portugal February 25, 2015 Portugal
Cisco Connect UAE February 18-19, 2015 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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