CT5760 Controller Deployment Guide
Application Visibility and Flexible Netflow
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Application Visibility and Flexible Netflow

Flexible Netflow

Application Visibility and Flexible Netflow

The CT5760 controllers and CAT3850 switches support Application Visibility and Control as part of Cisco IOS XE, Release 3.6.

Detailed Deployment Guide for Application Visibility and Control can be found at: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/controller/technotes/5700/software/release/ios_xe_33/iosXE_3point3_AVC_DG.html

Flexible Netflow

Cisco IOS® Flexible NetFlow is the next-generation in flow technology. It optimizes the network infrastructure, which reduces operation costs and improves capacity planning and security incident detection with increased flexibility and scalability. The ability to characterize IP traffic and identify its source, traffic destination, timing, and application information is critical for network availability, performance, and troubleshooting. When IP traffic flows are monitored, this increases the accuracy of capacity planning and ensures that resource allocation supports organizational goals. Flexible NetFlow helps you determine how to optimize resource usage, plan network capacity, and identify the optimal application layer for QoS. It plays a vital role in network security by the detection of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and network-propagated worms.

Here are the commands in order to configure Flexible Netflow:


flow record IPv4flow

match ipv4 protocol

match ipv4 source address

match ipv4 destination address

match flow direction

collect counter bytes long

collect counter packets long

collect timestamp absolute first

collect timestamp absolute last



flow exporter IPv4export-1

destination (IP address of your Netflow Collector. It should be v9 netflow.)

transport udp 2055



flow monitor IPv4flow (you can view the flows on the switch using CLI if netflow Collector is not available)

description Monitor all IPv4 traffic

exporter IPv4export-1

cache timeout active 30

record IPv4flow


Here are the Show Commands:

show flow monitor name monitor-name cache

show flow record

show flow-sampler

show flow monitor

For additional information on Netflow Configuration, please refer to Cisco Flexible NetFlow Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Release 3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches).