User Guide for the Cisco Unity Connection Phone Interface (Release 10.x)
Using Voice Commands to Place Calls
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Using Voice Commands to Place Calls

Using Voice Commands to Place Calls

About Using Voice Commands to Place Calls

You can place a call to a contact or to another Cisco Unity Connection user by saying the person's name, or phone number or extension.

For example, when you say "Call Harriet Smith," Connection finds the extension for Harriet in the corporate directory and places the call. When you say "Call Mom at home," Connection finds your mother's home phone number in your contact list and places the call.

To place calls by using voice commands, you must be signed in to Connection. This feature can be useful when you are checking messages and want to place or return calls.

After you say a name, phone number, or extension, Connection plays a matching name or number and places the call. If Connection finds more than one match for a name or number that you requested, the first match is played and Connection will ask you to confirm whether the match is correct. If not, say "No," and Connection will continue to play the other matches.

Placing Calls by Using Voice Commands

    Step 1   Call and sign in to Connection.
    Step 2   When Connection asks, "What do you want to do," say:

    "Call <Name/alternate name>" to call a Connection user. (For example, "Call Frank Edwards.")


    "Call <Name/alternate name> at <home/work/mobile>" to call a contact at a particular number. (For example, "Call Bob on his mobile" or "Call Service Department at work.")


    "Call <Number>" to call a Connection extension or a phone number. Say each digit individually. (For example, for extension 12345, say "Call one two three four five," not "Call twelve three forty-five.")

    Step 3   As Connection says the name or number of the person you are calling, you can say "Cancel" to halt the last action without losing your connection to the system.