User Guide for the Cisco Unity Connection Phone Interface (Release 10.x)
Broadcast Messages
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Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages

About Broadcast Messages

Occasionally, you may receive a voice message known as a broadcast message from your Cisco Unity Connection administrator, network administrator, or management personnel in your organization. Broadcast messages are recorded announcements sent to everyone in your organization. For example, your Connection administrator may send a message asking all users to change their PINs, or a Human Resources manager may send a message reminding employees about a deadline for a new benefits package.

Connection plays any broadcast messages immediately after you sign in by phone. You must listen to each broadcast message in its entirety before Connection will allow you to check your new and saved messages or to change your setup options. Once a broadcast message has been played, it is permanently deleted for you. You cannot respond to or save broadcast messages.

Broadcast messages do not trigger the message indicator on your phone (for example, a light or a distinctive dial tone when you pick up the receiver).

If you are using the voice-recognition option, you cannot use a voice command to delete a broadcast message. Instead, you are prompted to press # when the message is finished playing. Once the message is deleted, you can continue using voice commands to play and manage other messages.