Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform Series User Guide
Fiber Channel Card
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Fiber Channel Card

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Fiber Channel Card

Fiber Channel Card

The fiber channel card enables a direct fiber channel connection to an external storage array. This card is available as a factory-installed option for the Multiservices Platform Series. The part number is CIVS-FC-1P.

Key features of the fiber channel card include:

Adherence to ANSI fiber channel specification

Support for fiber channel class 2 and 3

Figure C-1 shows the rear of the Cisco Multiservices Platform Series 1-RU model with the fiber channel card installed. The circled area shows the I/O connectors on the fiber channel card. In a 2-RU model, this card is installed in a similar slot at the right rear of the device.

Figure C-1 CIVS-MSP-1RU with Optional Fiber Channel Card Installed

Table C-1 Specifications 




Single channel

Log ins

Up to 16 port log ins

Link speed detection

4 Gbs, 2 Gbs, or 1 Gbs fiber channel dink speeds detected automatically


Adheres to PCI Express base specification 1.0a


Data rates

1.0625 Gbps, 2.125 Gbps, and 4.25 Gbps, auto-detected


Short-wave lasers with LC type connector


Form factor

Short, low-profile MD2 form factor


67.64 mm (6.60 in.)


64.42 mm (2.54 in.)


Standard bracket (low profile available)

Power and environmental requirements


+3.3 V

Operating temperature

0º to 55º C (32º to 131º F)

Operating relative humidity

5% to 95% non condensing

Storage temperature

-40º to 70º C (-40º to 158º F)