Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform Series User Guide
16 x CIF / 4 x 4CIF Video Capture Card
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16 x CIF / 4 x 4CIF Video Capture Card

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16 x CIF / 4 x 4CIF Video Capture Card

Video Inputs

Power and System Requirements

16 x CIF / 4 x 4CIF Video Capture Card

The 16 x CIF / 4 x 4CIF video capture card enables capturing and compressing analog video streams when using Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM). This card is available as a factory-installed option for the Cisco Multiservices Platform Series 1-RU model. The part number is CIVS-ES-16EC.

Caution A VSM host that uses the video capture card supports only analog video inputs. Configuring video streams from IP cameras or standalone video encoders on a host that uses this card causes performance issues.

Figure D-1 shows the rear of the Cisco Multiservices Platform Series 1-RU model with the video capture card installed. The circled area shows the I/O connectors on the video capture card.

Figure D-1 CIVS-MSP-1RU with Optional Video Capture Card Installed

Key features of the video capture card include the following:

Supports motion JPEG / MPEG-4 compression

Adjustable frame rate (30 to <1 fps) per camera

Adjustable image resolution including 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, and variable

Compression throughput examples with 16 video channels:

CIF (352 x 240) = 480 fps (16 x 30 fps)

2CIF (720 x 240) = 240 fps (16 x 15 fps)

4CIF (720 x 460) = 120 fps (16 x 7.5 fps)

Video motion detection (VMD) with definable area per camera

Includes two video breakout (squid) cables

Video Inputs

The 1-RU Multiservices Platform Series model supports up to 16 analog video inputs (one video capture card).

The video card supports up to 16 video inputs per card.

Each video card has two DB-15 connectors, each of which allows the connection of a video cable that contains nine individual coaxial cables with BNC connectors. Eight of the BNC connectors are for video input and one is for video output. Video output is not supported.

When installed in the Cisco Multiservices Platform Series 1-RU model (see Figure D-1), the DB-15 connector on the left supports video inputs 1 through 8. The DB-15 connector on the right supports video inputs 9 through 16.

Power and System Requirements

1.9A at 5V, 2.6A at 3.3V, 18W total.