Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Command Guide, Release 9.2
Chapter 25, TST Commands
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TST Commands

TST Commands

This chapter provides test (TST) commands for the Cisco ONS 15454 and ONS 15310 MA.


(CISCO ONS 15454 and ONS 15310 MA) The test inserted error bits for DS1, T1, or T3 (TST-INSERRBITS-<MOD2>) command tests the connectivity and error count on the traffic line, running on the DS1, T1, and T3 ports of the electrical card.

Usage Guidelines

Before issuing this command, bit error rate testing (BERT) must be enabled on the port and the SYNC STATUS of BERT on the port must be UP.

NoteThis command is limited to DS1/E1-56 and DS3XM-12 electrical cards. It is also applicable to DS1-28-DS3-EC1-3 and DS1-84-DS3-EC1-3 cards on 15310 MA.

NoteOnly T1 and T3 modes are applicable on 15310 MA.





Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters


Access identifier from the “FACILITY” section.


Specifies the error rate to be injected for BERT. The parameter type is BITERR.

  • STOP

Stops inserting bit errors.


Inserts single bit errors.

  • 1E-3

Inserts bit errors at the1E-3 rate.

  • 1E-4

Inserts bit errors at the 1E-4 rate.

  • 1E-5

Inserts bit errors at the 1E-5 rate.

  • 1E-6

Inserts bit errors at the 1E-6 rate.