Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference
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bridge-domain (subinterface)


clear gvrp statistics
clear mac-address-table
clear mvr counters
clear mvrp statistics
clear pagp
clear spanning-tree detected-protocol
clear vlan
clear vlan counters
clear vlan mapping
clear vlan statistics
clear vtp counters
collect top counters interface


debug udld
dot1q tunneling ethertype


efd notify
encapsulation dot1q
encapsulation isl
encapsulation sde


flowcontrol (line)
flowcontrol receive


gvrp global
gvrp mac-learning auto
gvrp registration
gvrp timer
gvrp vlan create


hw-module slot (ASR 1000 Series)


instance (VLAN)


l2protocol forward


mac access-group
mac access-list extended
mac-address-table aging-time
mac-address-table dynamic
mac-address-table learning
mac-address-table limit
mac-address-table notification change
mac-address-table notification mac-move
mac-address-table secure
mac-address-table static
mac-address-table synchronize
mac-address-table unicast-flood
match (VLAN access-map)
mls rp ip
mls rp ip (global)
mls rp ip (interface)
mls rp ip multicast
mls rp ip multicast management-interface
mls rp ipx (global)
mls rp ipx (interface)
mls rp locate ipx
mls rp management-interface
mls rp nde-address
mls rp vlan-id
mls rp vtp-domain
mls switching
mls switching unicast
mode dot1q-in-dot1q access-gateway
monitor session
monitor session (VLAN)
mvr group
mvr immediate
mvr max-groups
mvr querytime
mvr type
mvr vlan
mvrp global
mvrp mac-learning
mvrp registration
mvrp timer
mvrp vlan creation


name (MST)


pagp learn-method
pagp port-priority
pagp rate
pagp timer
platform port-channel local-significance
platform vfi provision vlan
port-channel load-defer
port-channel port load-defer
private-vlan association
private-vlan mapping
private-vlan synchronize


rep admin vlan
rep block port
rep lsl-ageout timer
rep lsl-retries
rep preempt delay
rep preempt segment
rep segment
rep stcn


service instance trunk
set port flowcontrol
set vlan
set vlan mapping
show controllers fastethernet
show cwan
show cwan qinq
show cwan qinq bridge-domain
show cwan qinq interface
show cwan qinq load-balance
show cwtlc qinq
show dot1q-tunnel
show errdisable flap-values
show gvrp interface
show gvrp summary
show mac-address-table aging-time
show mac-address-table dynamic
show mac-address-table learning
show mac-address-table static
show mls df-table
show mls masks
show mls rp
show mls rp interface
show mls rp ip multicast
show mls rp ipx
show mls rp vtp-domain
show mmls igmp explicit-tracking
show mmls msc
show mvr
show mvr groups
show mvr interface
show mvr members
show mvr source-ports
show mvrp interface
show mvrp module
show mvrp summary
show platform software status control-processor
show port flowcontrol
show rep topology
show spanning-tree
show spanning-tree mst
show spantree
show ssl-proxy module state
show udld
show vlan
show vlan access-log config
show vlan access-log flow
show vlan access-log statistics
show vlan access-map
show vlan all-ports
show vlan counters
show vlan dot1q tag native
show vlan filter
show vlan free
show vlan internal
show vlan internal usage
show vlan mapping
show vlan port provisioning
show vlan private-vlan
show vlan remote-span
show vlan virtual-port
show vlan-range
show vlan-switch
show vlans dot1q
show vlans tokenring
show vtp
shutdown vlan
snmp trap mac-notification change
source interface
spanning-tree backbonefast
spanning-tree bridge assurance
spanning-tree cost
spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig
spanning-tree extend system-id
spanning-tree guard
spanning-tree loopguard default
spanning-tree mode
spanning-tree mst
spanning-tree mst configuration
spanning-tree mst forward-time
spanning-tree mst hello-time
spanning-tree mst max-age
spanning-tree mst max-hops
spanning-tree mst pre-standard
spanning-tree mst priority
spanning-tree mst root
spanning-tree mst simulate pvst (interface)
spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global
spanning-tree pathcost method
spanning-tree portfast (in
spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default
spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default
spanning-tree portfast default
spanning-tree transmit hold-count
spanning-tree uplinkfast
spanning-tree vlan


udld port
udld recovery
udld reset


vlan (VLAN)
vlan (global)
vlan access-log
vlan access-map
vlan accounting
vlan database
vlan dot1q tag native
vlan filter
vlan ifdescr detail
vlan internal allocation policy
vlan mapping dot1q
vlan port provisioning
vtp (global)
vtp (interface)
vtp client
vtp domain
vtp password
vtp server
vtp transparent
vtp v2-mode