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ESA FAQ: How do I manually clear recipients from the email queue?

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Updated: Jul 29, 2014

Contributed by Nasir Shakour and Robert Sherwin, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes how to clear messages from the email queue with the deleterecipients command on the Email Security Appliance (ESA).

How do I manually clear recipients from the email queue?

If particular recipients are not being delivered or to clear the email queue, use the deleterecipients command. The deleterecipients command allows you to manage the email delivery queue by deleting specific recipients waiting for delivery. Recipients to be deleted are identified by either the recipient host that the recipient is destined for, or the message sender identified by the specific address given in the Envelope From line of the message envelope. Alternately, you can delete all messages in the delivery queue (all active recipients) at once.

Note: To perform the deleterecipients function, it is recommended that you place the Cisco appliance in an offline state or suspended delivery.

Note: Although the function is supported in all states, certain messages may be delivered while the function is taking place.

Matches to recipient hosts and senders must be identical string matches. Wild cards are not accepted. The deleterecipients command returns the total number of messages deleted. In addition, if a mail log subscription is configured, the message deletion is logged as a separate line.

Here is an example of how to delete messages queued for the domain, using :> deleterecipients
Please select how you would like to delete messages:
1. By recipient host.
2. By Envelope From address.
3. All.
Please enter the hostname for the messages you wish to delete.
Are you sure you want to delete all messages being delivered to ""? [N]> Y
Deleting messages, please wait.
100 messages deleted.

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Updated: Jul 29, 2014
Document ID: 118106