Cisco 7000 Series Routers

Field Notice: Cisco IOS 11.1(8)CA1

Revised February 26, 1997

Products Affected

Cisco IOS Release 11.1(8)CA1 is an Early Deployment release of software to support new features within Cisco's High End Routing Products. The Previous release, 11.1(8)CA, has a renumbering issue with MIP, RSP_MIP and RSP_POSIP microcode. The MIP, RSP_MIP and RSP_POSIP microcode fix has been tested and released into Cisco IOS Release 11.1(8)CA1. The following fixes are also included in 11.1(8)CA1:


Bug id




7000 MIP microcode release 12-1



7500 MIP microcode release 22-1



7500 POSIP microcode release 20-1



VIP reloads when modifying switching to flow switching with traffic present

Cisco 7000 and 7500 Chassis running Cisco IOS Software Release 11.1.8CA

Problem Description

Microcode Release

  • Inadvertently the MIP , RSP_MIP, and RSP_POSIP microcode committed to the previous release, Cisco IOS 11.1(8)CA, was an Engineering numbering scheme vs. the standard microcode numbering scheme (see Background Information below).


  • When modifying the switching scheme to flow switching while traffic is present, the VIP may issue a similar error message:

    %VIP20-1-MSG: System Reload called from 0x600F2754, contex0
    %VIP20-1-MSG: System exception: sig=11, code=0x8000160C,
    c0 v1 : 00019F1C,19:36: %VIP20-1-MSG: $0 : 00000000, AT : 601D0000,v0 : FFFFFFFF,) 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: a0 : 00000000, a1 : 60918448, a2 : 000000F8,,
    %VIP20-1-MSG:t0 : 0000C100, t1 : 3401C101, t2 : 600F27A0,, 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: t4 : 000000F8, t5 : 000000F8, t6 : 00000001,, 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: s0 : 616BB280, s1 : 00000000, s2 :00001E78,,
    %VIP20-1-MSG: s4 : 601C94F8, s5 :601CAD20, s6 : 00000000,, 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: t8 :34010000, t9 : 00000000, k0 : 30410000,, 
    %VIP20-1-MSG:gp : 6019B960, sp : 6179F030, s8 : 601CAD24,, 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: EPC : 0x601073C8, SREG : 0x3401C103, Cause :C 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: ErrorEPC : 0x80008610 Nov 12 21:19:40:
    %VIP20-1-MSG: Attempting traceback with FP=0x6179F030, PC=8 
    %VIP20-1-MSG: Traceback= 0x6010750C 0x6010759C 0x60108E20
    %VIP20-1-MSG: C Nov 12 21:19:43: %DBUS-3-DBUSINTERR:Slot 0, Internal Error 
    %RSP-3-RESTART: cbus complex
  • If viewing from the if-console, you may see:

    %ALIGN-1-FATAL: Illegal access to a low address
    addr=0x20, pc=0x601073C8, ra=0x601073D0, sp=0x6179F030 
    CYASIC Error register 0x20200000, Other Intrpt register 0x200100 
    CYBUS Error register 0x80EF160, PKT Bus Error register 0x0 
    System Reload called from 0x600F2754, context=0x601A9170 
    System exception: sig=11,code=0x8000160C, context=0x601A9170 
    $0 : 00000000, AT : 601D0000, v0 : FFFFFFFF, v1 : 00019F1C, 
    a0 : 00000000, a1 : 60918448, a2: 000000F8, a3 : 00000000, 
    t0 : 0000C100, t1 : 3401C101, t2 :600F27A0, t3 : FFFF00FF, 
    t4 : 000000F8, t5 : 000000F8, t6 : 00000001,t7 : 0000435B, 
    s0 : 616BB280, s1 : 00000000, s2 : 00001E78, s3: 000019FA, 
    s4 : 601C94F8, s5 : 601CAD20, s6 : 00000000, s7 :601CAD28, 
    t8 : 34010000, t9 : 00000000, k0 : 30410000, k1 : 00000200,
    gp : 6019B960, sp : 6179F030, s8 : 601CAD24, ra : 601073D0, 
    EPC: 0x601073C8, SREG : 0x3401C103, Cause : 0x8000160C 
    ErrorEPC :0x80008610 
    Attempting traceback with FP=0x6179F030, PC=0x601073C8
    -Traceback= 0x6010750C 0x6010759C 0x60108E20 0x60105F7C 0x60030510 0x6001D10 
    0x6002B50C 0x6002C270 0x6002C25C



  • 11.1(8)CA was built with the following Engineering numbering scheme microcodes:




  • 11.1(8)CA1 is a rebuild of 11.1(8)CA with the correct microcode numbering scheme. These changes are:





Microcode Release

  • Cisco has removed 11.1(8)CA from CCO with 11.1(8)CA1 as its replacement.


  • A software fix has been integrated in:





Additional Troubleshooting Information

  • In order to determine if you are running the 11.1(8)CA version of the MIP Microcode, please use the show microcode command. You will receive the following response from an RSP image:

    Data#show microcode
    Microcode bundled in system
    Card Microcode Target Hardware Description 
    A2-R11#sh microcode
    Microcode bundled in system
    Card    Microcode    Target Hardware    Description
    Type    Version      Version
    ----    ---------    ---------------    -----------
    EIP       20.2             1.x          EIP version 20.2     
    FIP       20.1             2.x          FIP version 20.1     
    TRIP      20.1             1.x          TRIP version 20.1    
    AIP       20.10            1.x          AIP version 20.10    
    FSIP      20.5             1.x          FSIP version 20.5    
    HIP       20.0             1.x          HIP version 20.0  
    MIP      208.3             1.x          MIP version 208.3 
    FEIP      20.3             2.x          FEIP version 20.3    
    VIP       21.40            2.x          VIP version 21.40    
    VIP2      21.40            2.x          VIP2 version 21.40   
    RSP2      20.0             1.x          RSP2 version 20.0    
    POSI     201.3             2.x          (null) version 201.3 
    Microcode flash default images
    Card    Microcode
    Type    Version      device:filename
    ----    ---------    -------------------
    CIP     22-12        slot0:cip22-12         - Not present

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