Cisco ONS 15500 Series

Field Notice: Possible Faulty -48V cable

Revised November 7, 2002

Products Affected


Top Assembly


Part Number





15540-CAB-AC(=) able with date code of 0602 is reversed. There is a limited number that could be in the field.




15540-CAB-AC(=) able with date code of 0602 is reversed. There is a limited number that could be in the field. The 15540-PWR-AC= consists of two of these cables.

Problem Description

The 15540-CAB-AC(=) cable could create a situation that may affect customers who have received shipments of the Cisco ONS 15540 with AC Power Supplies since June 2, 2002. The ESP and ESPx are both at risk since they use the same power supplies. This issue relates specifically to the power cable used between the AC power rectifier shelf and the -48VDC power entry on the ONS 15540 Chassis. This cable, shown in the attached photo, has the pins reversed and if used to install the Cisco ONS 15540 (ESP or ESPx) will result in damage to the chassis. The correct pin out should be Black (-) and Red (+). As can be seen in the photo where the cable boot is pulled back, the pins are reversed. It may not be initially evident which is why the date code should be checked. The faulty cable can be identified by the 0602 date code shown on the box below and seen on the silver label on the cable itself. Any cable with a date code prior to, or later than this specific code is not a problem. It is limited only to cables with this specific code.


These cables were built with reversed wiring.

Problem Symptoms

The 15540-CAB-AC(=) cable with the date code of 0602, show below is reverse wired. Using this cable could cause a capacitor on the chassis to burn up.



Submit a return materials authorization (RMA) to replace the cable.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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