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Videoscape Experience Platform

Cisco Videoscape is the industry's first "experience platform." It powers amazing subscriber experiences that are personalized, synchronized, and more social than ever before, delivering business results to pay TV providers and media companies.

Videoscape Ignites Growth

Consumer appetite for new video experiences and a connected life is developing so rapidly that many service providers and media companies are struggling to keep pace. As a result, many subscribers turn to alternative Internet-based companies.

To remain competitive, you need to deliver new and exciting services faster than ever before. And you need an open and flexible platform that reduces barriers to innovation and time to market.

Videoscape offers a comprehensive set of cloud-based capabilities that delivers the agility you need to bring new services to market, faster. It helps you introduce a connected lifestyle into subscriber homes. It helps you offer exciting new services that open new revenue streams for you.

Transforming Video to the Cloud

Videoscape optimizes and extends existing infrastructures by simplifying integration of appliance-based software and cloud applications. Videoscape cloud capabilities include:

  • Videoscape Cloud Software, for deploying new video applications on demand across private clouds for cost-effective and dynamic resource scaling
  • Videoscape Cloud Services, making functionality available "as a service," operated by Cisco and purchased on a consumption basis, reducing the need to develop and integrate new capabilities

Bringing the Internet of Everything to Life

Cisco Connected Life experiences bring the Internet of Everything into consumer homes to expand Videoscape beyond entertainment. Videoscape facilitates the interaction between your subscribers, their devices, and the cloud. It provides a flexible foundation for launching more personalized, synchronized, and social Connected Life experiences that increase subscriber household revenue.

At Cisco, we recognize that our customers have different priorities and concerns; that one solution does not fit all. We also believe that it should be possible to integrate incremental or new services into your existing infrastructure, without requiring costly equipment replacements.

That is why we deliver solutions tailored to optimize the time to market, services, and cost structure of each and every customer.

Cisco Cloud Fusion for Videoscape

With Videoscape's core software, modular architecture, and open APIs, you can simplify integration and tailor your infrastructure. Videoscape software suites can operate across a combination of performance optimized hardware appliances, cloud software, and cloud-service-based deployment options.

Each of our cloud deployment options are described below:

Videoscape Cloud Software

The Videoscape Cloud Software portfolio represents a cloud version of the appliance-based Videoscape Suites software. It can run on private clouds taking advantage of cloud operating systems (such as OpenStack) or hybrid appliance and private cloud infrastructures.

If you are looking to elastically scale resources and simplify operations, the Videoscape Cloud Software portfolio is ideal because it helps you to quickly launch new video applications as you need, with reduced planning and deployment times.

Videoscape Cloud Services

The Videoscape Cloud Services portfolio offers Videoscape software suites "as a service", operated by Cisco and purchased on a consumption-based model. It extends both the Videoscape appliance-based software suites and Videoscape Cloud Software portfolios with capabilities such as analytics, presence, enhanced metadata, enhanced identity, and other enhancements.

With Videoscape Cloud Services, which fits in your operating expense budget, you can lower upfront capital expenditures. You can rapidly enhance an existing infrastructure with compelling new experiences, while reducing the need to develop and integrate new capabilities in house.

Fresh, in-the-moment experiences are critical to subscribers and you can take advantage of Videoscape Cloud Services to deliver these with unparalleled time to market.

Launch new unified TV experiences quickly and successfully with Cisco Videoscape integrated solutions. Designed to address a specific business challenge, each Videoscape solution combines a unique selection of Cisco Videoscape products, as well as integration services. Together, they are packaged and delivered as a single, end-to-end solution.

By taking advantage of Cisco Videoscape solutions, you can realize:

  • First-class products: Use scalable cloud and web technologies, award-winning multiscreen client software, and end-to-end content security.
  • Faster time to market: Take advantage of open, standards-based solutions that are prepackaged and integrated end to end.
  • Investment protection: Solutions are based on Cisco Videoscape products that can be enhanced with software updates.
  • Consistent experiences: Provide the same level of service across one-way, two-way, and hybrid set-top boxes, and across managed and unmanaged client devices.
  • Service elasticity: With Cloud and IP technologies, you can introduce new applications with low upfront capital investment, and scale them as demand grows.

Cisco Videoscape offers service providers full customization through Cisco Services, so you can deliver a unique user experience tailored to your business needs. Each Videoscape solution features an extensive roadmap aligned to market dynamics, allowing you to rapidly adjust to market changes over time.

Five Cisco Videoscape solutions are available today:

  • Cisco Videoscape Multiscreen Cloud DVR

    Let viewers restart live shows; catch up on past programs; and schedule, manage, and play back digital video recorder (DVR) recordings from any device, inside or outside the home.

  • Cisco Videoscape Video Everywhere

    Empower viewers to easily discover and watch live and on-demand content on any device, from any location.

  • Cisco Videoscape IP Video Over Cable

    Extend unified service delivery of dynamic and interactive IP-based video experiences across your entire subscriber base.

  • Cisco Videoscape Connected Video Gateway

    Use a single entertainment hub to seamlessly distribute video content, user experiences, and metadata to any IP-connected device in the consumer home.

  • Cisco Videoscape Express

    Launch entry-level digital TV services quickly and affordably with a clear migration path to delivering two-way, IP-driven TV experiences.

Cisco Videoscape Advertising Suite

Get tools and applications for the management, delivery, and measurement of advertising content. Service providers can monetize new platforms and services by extending existing business models.

Cisco Videoscape Media Suite

Manage content from multiple sources, and entitle and stream content across devices. This carrier-grade, cloud-based software platform powers comprehensive, multiscreen media services.

Cisco Videoscape Acquisition Suite

Get best-in-class video quality for live, real-time, and on-demand media such as live sports, 24-hour programming, web streaming on demand, broadband TV, and IPTV.

Cisco Videoscape Origination Suite

Connect contribution sources (media) to content users. In the course of this activity this group of products can encode, process, or groom content before delivering it to end users.

Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite

Bridge cloud and network functionality with this holistic, end-to-end content delivery network (CDN) solution.

Videoscape Origin Suite

A complete media origination platform for multi-screen live, VOD and Cloud DVR video services.

Cisco Videoscape Control Suite

Deploy new video services faster and improve efficiency and scalability of video applications with a cloud-based software backplane.

Cisco Videoscape Security Suite

Service providers can offer compelling services and premium entertainment to any device, while maintaining consistent control over the service offering and reducing TCO.

Cisco Videoscape Gateways

Extend the network into the home and offer video, telephony, Internet, and Wi-Fi services in one device. Subscribers can access home media, broadcast content, telephone, broadband, and Connected Life services in one box. Cisco Unified Gateway can transcode QAM to IP, so that cost-effective thin clients can be used throughout a home to support subscribers' personal IP devices.

Set-Top Boxes:

Deliver a more immersive video experience, from whole home HD DVRs that offer eight simultaneous recordings to cost-efficient, one-way decoders. Cisco is a global leader in IP set-top deployments, with many industry firsts, including first two-way digital set-top, dual-recording cable DVR, multi-room QAM DVR, and more.

Cisco Videoscape Client Software Suite

These carrier-grade software products reside on customer premises equipment, such as set-top boxes and gateways, as well as personal computers and mobile devices. They provide all the client-side functionality service providers need to offer subscribers high-quality video, voice, broadband, and Connected Home services.

Cisco Videoscape User Experience Suite

Redefine the TV experience with these products and services, and create immersive, branded user interfaces that connect subscribers to service provider services.