Cisco Videoscape Quickstart

Content At Home and On The Go

Cisco Videoscape Quickstart delivers "TV everywhere".

Content At Home and On The Go

Cisco Videoscape Quickstart is the initial Videoscape system release designed for "TV Everywhere" services, allowing subscribers to access on-demand content across unmanaged consumer electronic devices. It is an end-to-end, integrated solution for content and service providers to implement.

Subscriber benefits of Cisco Videoscape Quickstart include:

  • Access to more content choices-whether it is Internet video or broadcaster-provided content
  • Content acquisition through flexible payment options such as pay-per-view or subscription
  • The ability to search and browse entire on-demand video libraries centrally
  • The flexibility to personalize and retrieve content at any time

Cisco Videoscape Quickstart System Release Components

Adaptive Bit Rate Digital Media Processing Platforms
Intelligently transcode and stream media to achieve the best possible quality over any IP network, based on real-time network conditions.

Cisco Videoscape Soft Clients
Expand the reach of your service provider brand and integrate cloud-based services across unmanaged devices.

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