Cisco Videoscape Multiscreen Cloud DVR Solution

Transform Your Set-Top Box DVR Services to the Cloud

Time-delayed TV is forecast to be the fastest-growing residential service by 20191. Consumption of DVR and on-demand content continues to rise. Already, over 50 percent of United States pay-TV subscribers find unlimited storage very appealing. And more than 33 percent find multiscreen access to recorded content very appealing2.

Cisco Multiscreen Cloud DVR can enable you to overcome the limits of physical DVR devices by transforming set-top box DVR services from in-home architectures to the cloud. By giving your subscribers the ability to record an infinite amount of content and play it back on any device, you can capture a greater share of consumer video consumption.

Cisco Multiscreen Cloud DVR allows you to:

Increase Revenue

Accelerate DVR service penetration by moving business logic to the cloud. Reduce churn by offering seamless multiscreen access to DVR content. Upsell users instead of devices.

Enhance Agility

Simplify workflow management across an open, cloud-based infrastructure to improve efficiency. Realize automatic and elastic scaling with an OpenStack-based video data plane.

Lower Costs

Reduce set-top-box expenses with cheaper IP clients. Make the most of CapEx budget by converging infrastructure silos into a common resource pool that supports live, video-on-demand, time-shift, and cloud DVR services.

1 Source: Cisco Virtual Networking Index, 2015

2 Source: Park Associates

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