Cisco Videoscape Multiscreen Cloud DVR Solution

Enjoy TV Your Way

Consumers want the freedom and flexibility to arrange their TV viewing around their own schedules, inside or outside the home. With the Cisco Multiscreen Cloud DVR Solution, viewers can restart live shows, catch up on their favorite past programs, and schedule and play back video recordings from any device, anywhere.

Multiscreen Cloud DVR combines the best of both set-top-box (STB) digital video recorder (DVR) and cloud-based time-shift capabilities. It lets you extend network-based time-shift TV services to customer STBs. Subscribers can restart a live program from the beginning, navigate backward in the program guide to find past content, and more. The solution also helps enable cloud-based recording, scheduling, and playback on any connected device.

With Multiscreen Cloud DVR, your subscribers can:

  • Play back their favorite shows on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Capture and manage recordings in the cloud, and play them back on any device
  • Pause and resume content from a companion device for total viewing control
  • Restart live programs, navigate backward on program guides to watch content, and pause live TV
  • Easily switch between content stored in the home DVR and in the cloud

At the same time, Multiscreen Cloud DVR helps you to:

  • Grow your subscriber base and keep loyal customers satisfied
  • Remotely extend DVR services to your customer base without upgrading their hardware
  • Augment home DVRs with additional storage capacity in the cloud
  • Upsell higher service tiers with more storage capacity and more simultaneous recordings
  • Support advanced IP applications and services in the future

To learn more, read the Cloud DVR Solution Overview.

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