Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions

Get Personalized Video in the Cloud

Build new video revenue with agile cloud solutions from Cisco.

Get Personalized Video in the Cloud

At Cisco, we recognize that our customers have different priorities and concerns, that one solution does not fit all. We also believe that you should be able to integrate incremental or new services into an existing infrastructure, without requiring costly equipment replacements.

That is why we deliver solutions tailored to optimize the services, time to market, and cost structure of each and every customer.

Cisco Cloud Fusion for Videoscape

With the core software, modular architecture, and open APIs of the Cisco Videoscape platform, you can simplify integration and tailor your infrastructure. Cisco Cloud Fusion for Videoscape enables Videoscape software suites to operate across a combination of performance-optimized hardware appliances, cloud software, and cloud-service-based deployment options.

Each of our cloud deployment options are described below.

Cisco Videoscape Cloud Software

Cisco Videoscape cloud software capabilities represent a cloud version of the appliance-based Videoscape software suites. These solutions can run on private clouds, taking advantage of cloud operating systems (such as OpenStack) or hybrid appliance and private cloud infrastructures.

If you are looking to elastically scale resources and simplify operations, the Cisco Videoscape cloud software capabilities are ideal. They will help you to quickly launch new video applications as you need them, with shorter planning and deployment times.

Cisco Videoscape Cloud Services

Cisco Videoscape cloud services deliver Videoscape software suites "as a service." Operated by Cisco and purchased on a consumption-based model, Videoscape cloud services extend both the Videoscape appliance-based software suites and Videoscape cloud software capabilities with functions such as analytics, presence, enhanced metadata, and enhanced identity.

With Videoscape cloud services, which fits fit in your operating expense budget, you can lower upfront capital expenditures. You can rapidly enhance an existing infrastructure with compelling new experiences while reducing the need to develop and integrate new capabilities in house.

Fresh, in-the-moment experiences are critical to subscribers. You can take advantage of Cisco Videoscape cloud services to deliver these with unparalleled time to market.

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