SDN for Service Providers

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A More Adaptable Network at Your Command

With software-defined networking (SDN), you can more easily make your network automatically adjust to application needs and what you need it to do. No more changing configurations across an endless number of devices. You gain an end-to-end network services view and can control your core assets more effectively.

SDN is a critical piece of our strategy to help you build a network today for what your business needs tomorrow.

The Potential of SDN

Use SDN to:

  • Improve applications and network interactions and enforce policies in real time
  • Allow direct network control and support automation across multivendor systems
  • Manage end-to-end services independent of the data forwarding gear you use
  • Upgrade, replace, and scale control and data forwarding products independently

We Put the Power of SDN in Your Control

Our open architecture for SDN-based services helps you capture new business. It is adaptable, simple to manage, and cost-effective.

We combine SDN with two complementary technology initiatives:

  • NFV: Transform you network architecture and operations.

  • Open Source: Free your technical talent to innovate and build on the innovation of others.

Why Choose Cisco SDN

Your business results are what matter. You need SDN, NFV, and open-source projects together to succeed. With our SDN end-to-end services approach, you can:

  • Respond faster to changing market demands
  • Get the SDN infrastructure that includes policy models
  • Automate your services delivery and support multivendor products
  • Match your business models to how you buy with our flexible buying options



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