Mobile Internet Applications and Services

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Monetize Your Network

See how personalizing the Mobile Internet opens new frontiers for mobile operators.

Drive New Revenues with Personalized Mobile Services
Integrate subscriber knowledge with network and application intelligence in real time to offer innovative, revenue-generating Mobile Internet Applications and Services. Cisco IP Next-Generation mobile Network (IP NGmN) enables you to:

  • Add mobile data services revenue beyond flat-rate mobile data subscriptions
  • Quickly increase capacity and services to meet accelerating demands
  • Establish profitable new business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) revenue models
  • Entering new, growing markets such as cloud services and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications

Cisco's solutions, platforms, and technologies provide you a scalable, standards-based intelligent IP architecture that features these capabilities and more:

  • Integrated intelligent services that allow real-time management of networks and services by subscriber and application
  • Dynamic policy control to efficiently optimize network resources and deliver personalized services
  • Comprehensive analysis, trending, and reporting tools providing network visibility for planning infrastructure investments

Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System

This solution captures real-time service and troubleshooting information and outputs statistics, customized reports, and trends.

Cisco In-Line Services

Offer new services and shape the subscriber experience while helping to ensure efficient traffic flow over a simplified network topology.

Cisco Policy and Charging Control

This standards-based, highly scalable solution helps you optimize network resources and increase revenue with new personalized services.

Cisco Services

Accelerate your success in deploying a mobile network with Cisco Mobile Wireless Solutions for Service Providers.

Services from Cisco and our partners help you get the most value from your mobile network, quickly and cost effectively, with globally recognized engineering expertise.

We can help you solidify your vision. Migrate to new technology smoothly. And simplify your architecture and operations.

Mobile Internet Revenue-Generating Use Cases
Cisco Mobile Internet solutions help enable a broad and expanding portfolio of "Use Cases" that you can launch as revenue-generating subscriber services.

Mobile Advertising

Gain new mobile advertising revenues by taking advantage of the subscriber, network, and intelligence to securely target ad delivery to mobile users.

Day/Session Pass

Offer price-sensitive and casual users temporary, time-based access to mobile data services.

Family and Group Data Plan

Parents can purchase a pooled quota of mobile data services for use across family members.

Deliver cloud-based collaboration services over mobile data networks to professionals on a variety of mobile devices.

Mobile Cloud Services

Share revenue with cloud computing based application partners.

On-Net Social Networking

Increase customer loyalty with operator on-net services.

Parental Controls

Help parents protect minor children from inappropriate mobile content.

Premium Mobile Video Services

Gain new revenues by providing "built-in" high quality for streaming Internet video service.

Rich Communications Suite

Offer new presence-enabled extensions to current voice and messaging services.

Roaming Controls

Protect subscribers from unanticipated bill shocks when using mobile data services while roaming.

Turbo Boost

Upgrade quality of service on demand for specific applications or overall.

Toll-Free Mobile Broadband Services

Interactive multimedia web portal owners can promote and pay for connectivity to the subscriber.

User-Generated Content Services

Increase customer loyalty with on-net user-generated content services.

Work-Play Plan

Help enterprises manage mobile costs and extend internal IT policies to the mobile workforce.

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