Evolved Services Platform (ESP)

Boost Profits with New Services

Cut costs and improve service-deployment agility with Cisco Evolved Services Platform. (2:30)

Boost Profits with New Services

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Automate a New Class of Carrier Cloud Services

Imagine if you could:

  • Have a platform that helped you transform your business and those of your customers
  • Accelerate your time to revenue while reducing operational costs
  • Deploy new services at web speed

The Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP) can help you achieve these dreams. It uses software-defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), open APIs, and advanced orchestration capabilities.

The Cisco ESP's flexible modules make it easy for you to buy, deploy, manage, and sell your services.

You can achieve:

  • Automated service delivery
  • Improved network and data center use
  • Fast deployment of personalized offerings

Make it easy for your customers:

  • Offer prepackaged ESP services modules with default features, security, and service-level agreements
  • Let them select from a self-service portal and activate what they want with a click of a mouse
Transform Your Telecom Business

Transform Your Telecom Business

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Unleash Your Business

Unleash Your Business

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Innovative modules based on the Cisco Evolved Services Platform provide you with prepackaged solutions. You can deploy them in minutes and scale elastically as your business needs dictate. These modules combine the required software, optional hardware, and advanced services to support an open, agile, an application-centric infrastructure.

Collect and derive untapped business value with rich real-time and long-term analytics. Engage with your customers in new ways, allowing them to add network services.


Multiscreen Cloud DVR

With Multiscreen Cloud DVR you can scale and accelerate the delivery of any type of content, over any network to any device, removing the need for a physical DVR in a customer's home.


Premium Mobile Broadband

Premium Mobile Broadband helps you deploy a high-performance private wireless network with consistent low latency. It provides a transparent handoff between licensed and unlicensed small cells at up to 45 percent cost savings.


Virtual Managed Services

Use Virtual Managed Services to rapidly create and automate the self-service, cloud-based delivery of managed network, mobility, and security services. Operating costs are reduced up to 65 percent.

Flexible Deployment Models

You can easily buy and deploy the Cisco ESP-based services modules using the following four consumption models:

As Individual Functions

Choose from a family of individual physical devices, virtual functions, and software orchestration components. Integrate to complement your existing infrastructure. Virtual functions are hardware and hypervisor independent, and you can operate on any general-purpose computing platform, such as the Cisco Unified Computing System.

As Flexible Bundles: Virtual Functions plus Orchestration

This option combines select virtualized functions and orchestration software modules that are integrated using standards-based service chaining. With this software suite you can build and deploy personalized offerings faster using your preferred computing platform.

Learn about a new way for you to buy our software: Cisco One Software Suites

As an Integrated Solution

A ready-to-use integrated service module, POD, includes all the software, hardware, and associated advanced services required to deploy a particular service offering.

As a Service

With this pay-as-you-go model, Cisco integrates and operates the services as ready-to-use, cloud-based offerings. It is designed to support the specific services you bring to market and sell to your customers.

Service Broker

  • Enables the service provider's storefront for customer-facing service (CFS) and custom-designed web self-service portals
  • Translates business intent into actionable service initiation and chaining in the orchestration engine
  • Enables operators to adapt and build new services quickly from a modular set of elements using Prime Service Catalog

Orchestration Engine

Catalog of Virtual Network Functions

The Cisco ESP enables service providers to automate the creation and deployment of innovative services combining both virtual and physical network elements from an open multi-vendor ecosystem of technology and business partners. A sample of these capabilities that may be selected from the comprehensive catalog of virtualized network functions (VNFs) to build these services are listed below:

IOS-XRv Virtual Router:  An IOS-XR based, carrier class virtual router for on-demand activation to scale your network when and where you need it.

Cloud Firewall (ASAv): Get consistent carrier-class firewall security for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Services Router (CSR1000v): Extend your WAN to the service provider cloud.

Identity Services Engine (vISE): Support comprehensive, highly secure wired, wireline, and VPN access.

Nexus 1000v (vSwitch): Help enable a virtual networking infrastructure that is easy to build, deploy, and operate.

Cisco Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC): Combine all mobile packet core services-for 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, and small-cell networks-as virtualized services, so you can scale capacity and introduce services much faster and more cost-effectively.

Cisco Self Organizing Networks (SON): Automate the Radio Access Network (RAN) to boost performance, harmonize the technologies that make up the RAN, and increase the capabilities of your existing infrastructure.

Cisco Policy Suite: Service providers can rapidly create and bring new services to market, deliver a positive user experience, and optimize network resources.

Cisco Services Platform: Accelerate the deployment of new mobile Internet services and unlock network intelligence for optimization and monetization.