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Automate Your Services and Wow Your Customers

Imagine if you had a software platform that helps you create new services and launch them in a fraction of the time it takes now. The platform gives your customers a simple portal to order your services online and get them in minutes. It helps you cut your customer acquisition costs. And frees your network engineers and others to create valuable applications and services in bold new ways.

Your Platform for Network Services Automation

Our Evolved Services Platform can help you do it, now. It has the software building blocks you need to:

  • Automate your service delivery
  • Launch new services rapidly
  • Slash your network operations costs

Inside the Platform

Our Evolved Services Platform is open and modular for you to build on. It uses software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and open-source software to help you transform your network and your business.

Its advanced orchestration software allows for network automation across physical and virtual assets. Other software modules give you network visibility and control, manage policies, and provide easy-to-use, self-service portals.

You Have Choices on How You Buy

Our software modules work with third-party software and hardware. Use them to manage your existing network gear or choose our complementary platform, Cisco Evolved Programmable Network, for the network, storage, and compute elements you need.

Four ways you can buy:

  • Individual software modules - Buy what you need and integrate them
  • Integrated software suites - Bring specific services to market faster
  • Integrated software and hardware - Buy a fully packaged, ready-to-use solution
  • As a service - Let us host your services so you can open new markets faster
Deploy New Services Quickly

Deploy New Services Quickly

Automate services on your multivendor network with our Network Services Orchestrator.

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Deploy Premium Managed Services Fast

Deploy Premium Managed Services Fast

Launch new services and enter new markets with our Virtual Managed Services.

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Take specific services to market faster with our prepackaged network automation solutions. These include software modules such as orchestration and virtual network functions. You can deploy them quickly and scale them elastically as needed.


Virtual Managed Services

Create and automate the self-service, cloud-based delivery of managed network, mobility, and security services with our Virtual Managed Services software suite. Reduce your operating costs up to 65%.


Premium Mobile Broadband

Deploy a high-performance private wireless network with consistent low latency. Premium Mobile Broadband provides a transparent handoff between licensed and unlicensed small cells at up to 45% less cost.


Multiscreen Cloud DVR

Scale and accelerate the delivery of any type of content, over any network to any device. Multiscreen Cloud DVR removes the need for a physical DVR in a customer's home.

The Cisco Evolved Services Platform has a rich set of open software modules to help you more securely deploy, manage, and automate network services. You can buy and deploy them individually or as integrated software suites according to your business need.

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment: Rapidly Design and Fulfill New Services.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator: Automate and deploy new services quickly.

Cisco WAN Automation Engine: Simplify and accelerate service delivery across your WAN.

Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller: Automate network provisioning across your data center.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog: Offer your services through a single portal.

Cisco Virtual Topology System: Enhance cloud services deployment across physical and virtual infrastructure.

Cisco Policy Suite for Mobile: Deploy policy and subscriber management that scales and adapts to your needs.

Cisco portfolio of OSS and network management products: Improve service availability and be more agile.

Optimize data center operations for cloud services.

We also offer a wide range of virtual network functions as software modules to help you build a rich catalog of elements that you can use to compose innovative services. Here are some highlights.

IOS-XRv Virtual Router: Scale your network when and where you need with this carrier-class router.

Cloud ASAv Firewall: Get consistent carrier-class firewall security for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Services Router 1000V: Let business customers extend their WAN services to your cloud.

Identity Services Engine: Support comprehensive, highly secure access across all access methods.

Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch: Build an extensible virtualized infrastructure and prepare for your future needs.

Cisco Virtualized Evolved Packet Core: Scale mobile capacity and add services much faster at less cost.

Cisco Self-Organizing Networks: Automate the Radio Access Network (RAN) to boost performance.

Cisco Services Platform: Accelerate the deployment of new mobile Internet services and tap into network intelligence.