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Cable Test Labs

Delivering on the Promise of Innovation

Demonstrating our commitment to the cable industry, Cisco Systems, Inc., has a number of labs devoted to testing cable products, solutions, and technologies.


Increase revenue and enhance customer confidence in Cisco cable products and solutions through comprehensive testing and compelling demonstrations



System test complex cable solutions spanning multiple cable technologies and products to accelerate successful customer deployments and new technology adoption.

Key labs include:

Advanced Cable Lab, San Jose, California

The Advanced Cable Lab, located at Cisco headquarters in San Jose, California, is a real-world, end-to-end cable facility that operates 24 hours a day, every day. The lab offers a complete digital and analog network video headend that generates a channel lineup including 50 analog and over 200 digital television channels. Content is distributed to many destinations by standard MPEG transport and IP Multicast. Fiber nodes transport the channel lineup from the headend to various locations on the Cisco campus, including business unit development labs, cable managers’ desktops, and the offices of Cisco senior executives such as President and CEO, John Chambers. The lab includes video switching management, OSS, signal integrity test equipment, and a DOCSIS IP infrastructure that represents a network serving 250,000 homes. A production PacketCable multimedia infrastructure with over 5000 embedded multimedia terminal adapters is available, capable of large-scale voice over IP (VoIP) testing in complex network scenarios representative of the real world. Cisco equipment includes the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router, Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch, Cisco 7600 and 12000 series routers, Cisco Carrier Routing System, and the Cisco ONS Family of optical network platforms.

Network Systems Integration and Test Engineering Research Facility
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

If visitors to the 18,000 square-foot Network Systems Integration and Test Engineering Research (NSITE) facility in Research Triangle Park (RTP) are attentive, they will count more than 6300 assets, within 1100 equipment racks, connected by over 8000 meters of Ethernet cable, and 5600 meters of shielded T-1/twisted pair cable. The RTP facility employs more than 110 highly skilled engineers, who at any given time are working on more than 30 projects. The cable-specific portions of the lab show various complex MPEG and IP systems—including video over IP, VoIP, and triple-play configurations—feeding a mocked-up digital home environment. Applications are fed by the crux of the NSITE lab—a next-generation core aggregation and hub configuration, built specifically for cable operators and using the Cisco 12000, 7600, and 1000 series routers; Cisco Carrier Routing System, and Cisco uBR Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTSs).

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