Cloud Computing: An Introduction

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

Harness the Potential of Cloud

Create an IT plan of action that takes your organization where you want to go.

Harness the Potential of Cloud

CIO or IT Services Broker?

In the heart of the overall shift from cloud computing as an isolated project to a central IT strategy, hybrid IT strategies are reigning supreme. As cloud computing continues to evolve, new technologies are emerging to support the dynamic creation of cloud services. CIOs are increasingly feeling the need to deal with hybrid environments. But how? Enter the rise of hybrid IT process models and the positioning of IT as a service broker.

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Insights to Transform Your Business

Insights to Transform Your Business

Leading IT experts share their views on critical market shifts in Connected Futures.

InfoBrief: How Lines of Business are Adopting Cloud

InfoBrief: How Lines of Business are Embracing Cloud

IDC explores the changes in budget allocation and the opportunity for savvy CIOs to lead their companies. (PDF - 937 KB)

IT's New Role and Relevance

IT's New Role and Relevance

Read how IT can be the broker of cloud services to lines of business (LoB). (PDF - 1 MB)

Implementing Cloud

Cisco Enables Cloud Services

Learn how we partner with enterprise, mid-market, and service providers to implement the right cloud strategy for their business priorities.

Cisco Consulting Can Help

We'll help you assess your challenges and identify your unique cloud opportunities.

Financing Your Cloud Investment

We can make it easier for you to invest in the cloud with Cisco Capital financing.

Expert Insight

Michael Ortbals

Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Cbeyond

“It's a huge benefit to have technology from one vendor throughout the stack.”

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Executive Connection

Where does Lew see the cloud heading? Tap into his insights and watch now.

Lew Tucker

Cisco Cloud Chief Technology Officer, Cisco

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Cloud Traffic and the IoE

Our research breaks down the numbers and puts them into perspective.

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