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Wi-Fi technology keeps advancing. With more devices attaching to the network and more bandwidth-intensive applications in use, mobile usage continues to rise. How do small and medium-sized businesses with little or no IT staff keep pace with unexpected growth?

The Cisco Mobility Express Solution is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized networks easily and cost-effectively deliver enterprise-class wireless access to employees and customers.


How Midsize Organizations View Mobility

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Cisco Mobility Express Solution is an on-premise, managed Wi-Fi solution that:

  • Provides an easy, over-the-air interface for deployment in under 10 minutes
  • Is ideal for small and medium-sized deployments of up to 25 access points
  • Removes the need for a physical controller while supporting Cisco’s advanced features
  • Is supported on Cisco Aironet 1850 and 1830 Series Access Points, which are 802.11ac Wave 2-compatible
  • Can control other Aironet access points, such as the 1700, 2700, and 3700 Series

Industry-leading Cisco technology allows small and medium-sized networks to reduce the number of devices needed to enjoy enterprise-grade Wi-Fi. Advanced features such as Guest, BYOD and Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) are activated by default for compatible access points, making the deployment process even easier. CMX can be added to gain presence-based services and deep analytics.

With the Mobility Express Solution, small and mid-sized networks can now enjoy the same quality user experiences as large enterprises.

Cisco Mobility Express Solution is a Wi-Fi solution for small to medium deployments, built on Cisco’s industry-leading technology. It does not require a dedicated controller appliance. Deploy it in minutes.

Cisco Mobility Express Solution: K-12

With Mobility Express Solution, K-12 education institutions can:

  • Implement innovative learning tools
  • Bring the large school experience to smaller sites
  • Quickly meet new mandates, such as iSchool, flip learning, and digital textbooks

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Cisco Mobility Express Solution: Retail

Retail businesses can:

  • Accept mobile payments and service customers anywhere
  • Connect to customers through loyalty apps
  • Quickly set up networks with minimal IT support

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Cisco Mobility Express Solution: Hospitality

Hospitality organizations can:

  • Offer revenue-generating services without the IT overhead
  • Support Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere and manage it centrally
  • Connect to customers through loyalty apps

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