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Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Series Switches extend enterprise technology to industry.

Converge Enterprise and Industrial Networks

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Cisco Industrial Smart Solution helps manufacturers boost operational intelligence.

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Major sectors of the economy are undergoing a transformation as robots, vehicles, and industrial control systems connect to the Internet. This trend is enabling unprecedented levels of automation, not just at the factory level, but throughout business processes. Cisco can help customers realize profound productivity benefits by transitioning operational technology to standard Ethernet and IT.

Cisco is uniquely positioned to address these new demands on industrial networks, which require a greater need for improved inter-connectivity across industrial equipment and enterprise networks. For example, the Cisco IE 2000 Series Switches provide consistent network services between industrial networks and enterprise business applications. They also provide integrated security and better manageability, creating a truly intelligent network.

The industrial sectors are promoting the explosion in the number of machine-to-machine wireless connections. The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) estimates two billion connections by 2016, demonstrating the need to more tightly connect and integrate devices, machines, and vehicles with traditional enterprise networks. How will your enterprise make the transition?

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