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Meet Your Mobility Goals

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Meet Your Mobility Goals

Detect, Connect and Engage Users In-Venue

Whatever your industry, you can give your customers relevant mobile content while you gather meaningful analytics. Our professional services team can help you define and deliver Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences to back your business initiatives.

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See how analytics and other features help you improve the customer experience and boost revenue.

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Connected Mobile Experiences uses location data from the Cisco Mobility Services Engine. Now you can understand your customers better and deliver more personal experiences for mobile users.

Venue Insights

Make the most of your floor plan. See how your visitors behave while they are at your site. You can start with easy-to-deploy presence insights and then expand to highly accurate hyperlocation services.

You can:

  • Gain a snapshot of onsite traffic, including visitors, passersby, and dwell times
  • See which locations get the most traffic and where you should put advertisements, products, or services
  • Adjust the layout or staffing levels to improve traffic flow during high use

Connect and Engage

Connected Mobile Experiences provides easy-to-use templates to create captive portals for your guest Wi-Fi. When customers connect to the network, you can use your loyalty applications and analytic insights to more effectively engage them.

Better customer engagement can:

  • Increase the loyalty of your customers by giving them personalized experiences
  • Heighten the guest experience through Wi-Fi access and relevant information
  • Increase brand exposure through social media check-in and feed streaming
  • Increase visitors' satisfaction by helping them make decisions more aligned with their needs

Built on the Cisco Unified Access infrastructure, Connected Mobile Experiences is a platform for business innovation.


Mobility Services

Gain location intelligence by detecting mobile devices and transparently connecting them to Wi-Fi with the Mobility Services Engine and Connected Mobile Experiences software.

Cisco Mobility Services Engine (available as a physical or virtual appliance)

Connected Mobile Experiences Software 10.2

Unified Access Infrastructure

Provide robust wireless performance and scalability with:


Cisco Hyperlocation is exceptionally precise in pinpointing beacons, inventory, and individuals within 1 meter or less.

Cisco 3700 Series Access Points

Ecosystem Partners

A growing ecosystem of technology partners helps extend the business applications for Connected Mobile Experiences. To learn more, visit the partner ecosystem tab.


Cisco Services, together with its partners, can support you across three important areas of your platform: planning, deployment, and management.

A growing ecosystem of technology partners helps extend the business applications with Connected Mobile Experiences. Each solution uses the location data captured through the Cisco Mobility Services Engine to provide contextually aware business data. This data can be related to the on-site customer experience or to on-site analytics.



Aislelabs is a Cisco Solutions partner with a portfolio of advanced location-based technologies serving large indoor venues such as shopping malls, airports, big-box retail stores, convention centers, and other large spaces.

Use cases: Wayfinding, maps


Connexient is a Cisco Solutions partner dedicated to creating innovative indoor mapping, digital wayfinding, and location-based services for healthcare to improve the patient experience and organizational efficiency.

Use cases: Indoor mapping, wayfinding, application development

Industry: Healthcare

Discovery Technology

Discovery Technology is a Cisco Solutions partner that integrates Connected Mobile Experiences location information with other data sources to allow operators on-the-spot customer engagement and deep understanding of customer behavior through the Discovery Connected Customer eXperience Portal.

Use cases: Customer engagement, application development, Wi-Fi monetization

Industries: Retail, public venues


Etelu is a technology innovation company specializing in healthcare and education mobile app solutions, providing a variety of apps and mobile products to tactically engage with end users and enhance the overall experience.

Use cases: Wayfinding, application development

Industries: Healthcare, education

Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites makes software that helps healthcare providers easily see the location and status of equipment and other staff, empowering them to reduce steps, phone calls, and other interruptions.

Use cases: Asset management and optimization, environmental monitoring

Industry: Healthcare


MazeMap is a service for indoor maps, designed for large building complexes such as universities, hospitals, conference venues, and shopping malls.

Use cases: Maps, wayfinding


Nevotek V/IP Connect gives hotel managers and owners a way to create additional opportunities for revenue by offering new services to satisfy customer needs.

Use Case: IP integration

Industry: Hospitality


Phunware helps businesses use mobility to engage, manage, and monetize their customers.

Use cases: Loyalty application development and Connected Mobile Experiences integration, wayfinding

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